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Types of rotavator

Date posted: 3 November 2011

In order to produce healthy plants, perfect soil texture can be achieved with the use of a tiller or cultivator to help prepare the soil for seeding.These cultivators which can also be known as rotavators , do this by using a set of blades or rotors which spin and break through the soil therefore giving an end result of loose soil which assists with both drainage and improves the soil texture prior for sowing and planting.

Whether you are planning to cultivate garden borders, allotments or vegetable patches, the choice of which rotavator, tiller or cultivator to use will depend on some key factors and whilst these machines are similar in the job that they do, there are a few differences in their purposes which outline below.


Ground Tiller / Petrol Cultivator  Light Duty

Ideal for smaller gardens, garden borders, allotments or vegetable patches a tiller is used to prepare the soil for sowing and planting.

Why not hire a Light Duty Petrol Cultivator to assist in your garden maintenance and preparation. Our Tillers are not only manoeuvrable and simple to operate but are durable and  reliable and come with a host of features including:

  • Heavy Duty Chain Case
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • For Operator Protection and Safety, our Tillers have Individually replaceable tines and full-width steel rubber mounted tine protection guards.
  • Note - When using a Petrol Light Duty Cultivators, please ensure that Large Stones and sticks should always be removed before tilling and using a forward and backward motion, you should use the tiller until the soil has been loosened.

Medium Duty Cultivator

These medium duty cultivators for hire are ideal for allotment and gardens and assist in loosening the soil around to plants to help with weeding and encourage water absorption. These are not only durable and able to perform in the most demanding of conditions but are also capable of achieving a great finish in the previously compacted uncultivated ground.  These medium duty Petrol cultivators are simple to operate and will assist you to significantly reduce the effort required for cultivating the land.

Note - When using a cultivator you should ease the cultivator in between plants to assist in the removing of weeds. By Loosening the soil around plants, it will help to aid the root development. As always, be careful not to disturb the plants with the cultivator.

Heavy Duty Rotavator / Cultivator

Rotavators - If you’re digging over large areas of cultivated land then hire a heavy duty rotavator to help. Our heavy duty rotavator for hire has a 13hp petrol engine and can perform on the hardest of terrain.

Additional features include

  • Variable-speed  Drive control with forward and reverse speeds.
  • The heavy duty rotavator uses a safety clutch which stops tines and wheels instantly
  • When the reverse gear is engaged, then Tines lock automatically

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