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Turf Cutter Hire

Turf Cutter hire

Date posted: 12 January 2012

Turf Cutter hire is an ideal solution to assist with any landscaping gardening project that require turf to be removed or relayed quickly, effectively and effortlessly. Whether you are professional landscaper, a keen gardener landscaping their garden or a contractor maintaining fine turfed areas, renting a turf cutter can make easy work of removing and relaying strips of turf quickly and cleanly thus delivering perfect results.

Whilst Turf Cutters are specialised garden machinery used when landscaping already turfed areas, their use is a lot more seldom than that of a lawn mower or bush cutter, therefore when considering whether to purchase or hire a turf cutter, you need to weigh up the options of how much use it would be likely to get. Given that they are mainly used to landscaping work and given their expensive purchasing costs which can be in thousands of pounds,  renting a turf cutter is normally by far the more sensible option.

Many Turf cutters for hire come with self propelled petrol motors with variable depth settings which help make light work of lifting and rolling turf removal, prior to any tasks such as laying cables or pipes or creating boarders which otherwise would be not only very time consuming but also quite back breaking and labour intensive.

There are many Turf strippers / Turf cutters on the market but the more common garden machinery manufactures used include GroundsMan, Weibang, Power Mec, Camon and Brouwer.

Turf Cutting Tips

  • Always wear safety goggles, ear defenders and suitable clothing.
  • Steel toecap boots must always been worn when operating a turf cutter.
  • Check that the turf is in suitable condition  prior to starting. It must be not be to dry or to wet and has been suitable irrigated.
  • Check that there are not large stones or tree roots close to the top surface of the area to be turfed and that all debris has been cleared.
  • Adjust the blade height to suit the work area and make a small trial cut to check the depth. Readjust the blade height accordingly until set correctly.
  • When using the turf cutter, carefully walk the turf cutter forward over the ground in a slow pace, working in a methodical pattern so all the area is covered.
  • Always use 1st gear when cutting turf and never change gear when the unit is in motion.
  • As the machine slices beneath the turf, the strips of grass will remain in place. Once a strip has been completed, the turf can then be rolled up into manageable pieces.
  • If you are starting with less than 20% actual turf grass on the area to be turfed, then it could be valid point of removing all the turf and starting fresh.

How to hire?

Best at hire has a large range of Petrol powered turf cutters for hire so whether you want to remove turf in preparation for laying a patio, prepare garden boarders or landscape your garden, we have suitable garden machinery for hire.

From over 70 locations to choose from in the UK, visit us today for hiring a turf cutter.

UK collection and Delivery available.

Call today on 0344 288 8088 or hire online

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