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Top 10 Power Tools

Date posted: 20 April 2012

It was 1895 when man developed the first power tool, it was an electric hand drill developed by German inventor Wilhelm Emil Fein. Ever since then man has had an obsession with power tools, mainly due to the fact they make  building and destroying things that much easier. Below is our list of top 10 power tools that everyone should have a go with at some point.

1. Nail Guns 

Nail guns are lightweight an easy to use, simply load it full of nails, fuel up the cell and battery then get using. It is a must for panelling, skirting, mouldings and MDF DIY products. A power tool couldn’t get much more manlier than the nail gun.

2. Mitre Saws

Mitre saws are essential for those jobs which require cutting accurate bevels and mitres. It is a serious piece of equipment which is seriously fun to use.

3. Petrol Breaker

Top 10 Power Tools

A petrol breaker is ideal for the breaking up of concrete or asphalt paths and driveways. Besides who hasn’t wanted to have a go with one of these bad boys?

4. Hammer Drills

Hammer drills are ideal for general drilling tasks where a powerful yet light weight machine is required. It is similar to a power drill but packs a bit more of a punch! The impact drill is for when your regular hand drill just doesn’t have the torque needed to get the job done.

5. Belt Sanders 

A belt sander will cut your sanding time in half and save your wrist a lot of pain. They are the perfect all-around sanding tool. A range of different papers can be used to achieve different finishes.

6. Power Drills 

What would a man do without his trusty power drill. If you're going to own only one power tool, then make it a cordless drill. It is one of the most frequently used tools and can be found in nearly every mans workshop. Use it for drilling holes in almost anything including wood, metal, plastic, masonry, drywall, or other materials. 

7. Jig Saws

Jigsaws are the perfect power tool for making cuts in plywood and other thin materials. Unlike most other power saws the jig saw allows you to make curved cuts.

8.Circular Saw 

This is one of the most popular power tools used for framing. Circular saws are great for cross cuts on large planks of wood, as well as for ripping.  It's light weight and portability makes it easy for cutting in tight and awkward areas.


Used for all types of woodwork the humble router knows no bounds. You can do anything from removing wood from around edges to pushing it directly into the wood to precisely rout in the middle. There are a whole host of different cutting tools you can attach to the router allowing you to achieve a variety of different finishes.

Angle Grinder Hire Top 10 Power Tools

10. Angle Grinder 

Angle grinders are essential for all kinds of metal work as well as being extremely useful for cutting ceramic tiles. They can be sharpen and polish metal and for removing paint or rust. It is extra cool because of the amount of sparks it creates.

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