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Tree Stump Grinder Tips

Date posted: 14 November 2011

When homeowners are cutting down trees, they are left with the prospect of either leaving the tree stump on the ground or trying to remove it. Hiring a stump grinder is an ideal way to assist gardeners in solving this problem as this eliminates any need to use chemicals or having to burn it in order to remove the tree stump.  

A stump grinder works by chipping away at the tree stump using high speed rotating discs that cut into the wood. The super sharp blades are capable of removing the wood on the tree stump easily and will also remove up to 1 inch below the ground surface thus being a cost-effective way of dealing with removing a tree stump.

How to remove tree stump?

  • Firstly remove all rocks and loose debris from the area around the stump thus avoiding any possible damage that could happen to the stump grinder blades when you use it.
  • Although stump grinders are equipped with deflector shields to prevent wood chips from coming up, it’s always advisable to also wear Protective eyewear protectors.
  • Raise the stump grinder wheels a few inches above the stump and with it in position at the front of the tree stump, spin the stump grinder whilst gently lowering it on to the tree stump.
  • You can move the stump grinder gently side to side to help it with clearing out wood chips and then gradually move the machine forward into the tree stump and repeat the process. This should be repeated until all the tree stump is gone.

How do I hire a stump grinder near me?

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