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Simple Ways of Soundproofing Your Home

Date posted: 26 October 2012

Living and experiencing the bright lights of large cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago can be maddening to say the least. Noise is one of the most common problems associated with urban living and could have a negative effect on a family’s quality of life.
If your next door neighbors are fond of throwing parties or have a penchant for playing loud music, then it’s about time that you soundproof your home. There are many ways of soundproofing your home and below are just some of simplest ways of doing it.
Use thicker plates for your walls during home construction

Using thicker plates for your walls during home construction will certainly give your soundproofing strategy a huge boost. It is very important to plan the soundproofing of your home early and doing it during the home construction is as early as it could get.
Consider buying sound proof wall sheeting and place it on your walls

Buying wall sheeting is not that expensive. If you really want to cut the noise coming from the outside of your home, you need to of course invest in good and reliable sound proofing materials. Wall sheeting is placed in walls in order to further absorb sound.
Why not construct a second wall for better noise management?

Constructing a second wall for better noise management is another key way of soundproofing your home. It may sound too difficult or expensive but it’s definitely worth every penny considering the serenity and peace of mind you’ll enjoy after the wall has been erected. 
Look into your home’s insulation – inadequate insulation can contribute to noise

Your home’s insulation may also be a reason for noise within your home. Look into your home’s insulation ad inadequate insulation can contribute to the noise coming in and out of your home. You can hire a professional contractor to help you with this one.
Use a carpet – a simple and effective way of soundproofing your home

Using a carpet to absorb sound is a clever trick in soundproofing your home. It’s simple and effective and it is not hard to install. When choosing a carpet for soundproofing you need to nevertheless pick one that is thick – do not simply opt for one with an elegant design. Keep your carpets clean with carpet cleaner hire.
Latex paints can help your cause of soundproofing

Latex paints can help your cause of soundproofing and there are various reasons as to why. Latex paints boast technology that enables soundproofing and better noise management. If you’re thinking of the cost, think no more. It’s absolutely inexpensive.
Windows matter; replace your old windows or apply weather strips unto it

If your home parades age-old windows that have been there for say 10 or 15 years, it’s probably about time that you replace them with soundproofing ones and apply weather strips unto them. There are various types you can choose from and are available in most home furniture and contractor shops.
Remodel your ceiling – ceiling is one of the most common sources of noise

Remodeling your ceiling is a surefire way of soundproofing your home. One of the main sources of noise is the ceiling and soundproofing it can go a long way in your cause for better noise management.
Insert fiber glass on internal walls

Inserting fiber glass on internal walls is a tried and tested way of absorbing sound that is coming from the outside. Fiber glass should be placed on internal walls in a way that it obstructs the pathway of sound. 
Foam and other soft materials; cheap yet effective

Foam and other soft materials may be cheap but they are certainly effective in soundproofing your home.

Knowing the difference between blocking, breaking, isolating and absorbing sound is so critical when you’re soundproofing your home. Obviously, keeping the noise down is important for peaceful, healthy urban living.
This guest article was written by Michael Scottsdale for Kitchen Cabinet Kings, a leading distributor of wholesale kitchen and stainless steel sinks. Kitchen Cabinet Kings offers kitchen design services and sells quality wood cabinets for homeowners and businesses.

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