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Rent a Chain Saw

Rent a Chain Saw

Date posted: 12 November 2011

Chainsaw hire is an affordable way to save yourself money by doing pruning, bucking or small felling work yourself without having to spend out on garden contractors to do the work for you. When you want to remove branches or prune trees in your garden then why don’t you rent a chainsaw to assist you with your garden maintenance needs.

Chain Saw Use

Used predominately for work such as felling trees, bucking, pruning, cutting fire wood, either by tree surgeons of DIY enthusiasts who are maintaining their gardens there are a few behaviour characteristics you need to made aware of when you rent a chain saw.

Chainsaw Kickback:

  • Chainsaw Kickback is a common thing that can cause a lot of accidents if you are not prepared for it. It happens when a chainsaw tooth catches a pieces of wood without cutting  through it and this causes the chainsaw to suddenly throw itself back towards to operator. Whilst most chainsaw kickbacks are easily controlled, you need still need to be very careful due to the nature of dangerous machinery you are using.
  • Depending If you are cutting with the chainsaw using the bottoms of the bar or the top of the bar , will cause the chain to behave differently. If you are cutting with the bottom of the bar then the chainsaw will pull you towards the wood otherwise if you are using the top of the bar , then it can push you away. You grip and body stance is paramount depending on how you are using the chainsaw.

Chain Saw Tips

  • Always wear protective clothing when you rent a chainsaw such as steel toe cap boots, chainsaw trousers , safety helmet , eye and ear protectors. Hire a chainsaw safety kit
  • Always size up the job before starting to use the chainsaw and identify areas which may be challenging . Always be aware of what's around you and implementation that may happen e.g if cutting down a tree, is there any other trees it may fall on or power cables etc
  • Work out any safety cuts to do first to help ensure you are working with a minimal of risk.
  • Never use the chainsaw if you are tired or if you have been drinking alcohol.
  • Always cut on full power and never let the chainsaw go above your chest.
  • Always keep the chainsaw close to your body and your elbow locked.
  • Always hold the chainsaw with both of your hands.

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