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Preparing your garden for winter

Preparing your garden for winter

Date posted: 5 September 2011

If your green fingers have grown a garden of Eden and you can boast about your luscious, emerald lawn, you could be dreading the arrival of winter.

Ensure that your hard work isn’t wasted and you keep your lawn in great condition over the winter months by following Best at hire’s ten top tips for preparing your lawn for a harsh winter:

  1. Mowing
    Winter mowing should be kept to a minimum, and in the build-up to winter try to mow a little less frequently. Of course, dependent on weather conditions you may be required to cease mowing altogether, especially if a heavy frost has fallen or if heavy rain as rendered the ground soggy.
  2. Aerate
    Aerating your lawn prior to the cold weather is a must. Aerate consolidating patched of your lawn by using a fork, or hire a spiking machine. Using a spiking machine to aerate your lawn will relieve compaction, improve the drainage capabilities allowing air to penetrate the root system - creating a healthier, happier lawn.
  3. Garden inhabitants
    Garden inhabitants such as worms are crucial to keeping the nutrient content of soil high, this is especially important during the winter. Harming worms is kept to a minimum by using wide forks to clear debris. It’s best to leave worm casts to dry naturally; you can dispose of them by using a stiff brush.
  4. Clearing debris
    Using a light rake, or brush, gently clear any debris away from your lawn. Keep all of your rakes, forks and brushes completely clean, before, after and during use. For large lawns, you may need to use a leaf sweeper or a lawn vacuum to clear large amounts of debris and leaves - try and use as light equipment as possible during the winter to help protect the grass. You can even hire a garden shredder if you wish to compost and recycle the garden waste.
  5. Equipment upkeep
    The most important task a gardener has to perform during the winter is to ensure the upkeep of his/her tools. Make sure your lawnmower is in top condition with sharp blades intact. If you need to replace your lawn mower, then consider garden tool hire. Hiring is also advantageous if you require any addition garden equipment; this allows you to save money and you won’t need to find additional storage for bulky garden equipment.
  6. Snow mould
    It’s a good idea to keep an extra eye on your lawn during winter to check for any signs of mould, especially snow mould. This occurs between temperatures of 0-8 degrees. You can avoid snow mould by not using nitrogen fertilisers during autumn, as too much growth and cold weather are the worst combination for your lawn and problems may arise.
  7. Lawn rest
    Lawns require rest, just like us. Sometimes the best thing for a lawn that has undergone a series of mows and debris clearing is to rest during the winter as much as possible; let the lawn rejuvenate itself; let mother nature will work her magic.
  8. Fertilisation
    If possible, it’s ideal to fertilise your lawn in the late autumn. Your lawn won’t use the added fertiliser immediately during the winter months, but it will store the nutrients and absorb them into its root system, taking full advantage of the added good stuff as soon as spring arrives.
  9. Outdoor buildings
    If you are considering adding outdoor garden buildings on your lawn, such as sheds or summer out-houses, it’s best to avoid doing this during the winter so you don’t disturb the surrounding lawn. Wait until the warm summer months when your surrounding lawn will be able to recover at a much faster rate.
  10. Plan & research
    Take time during the winter months to outline your summer garden plans. As the winter progresses with your beautiful lawn faring well, you’ll have a great idea of what new things to incorporate; a BBQ area, perhaps? A small pond, or rockery? DIY tool hire is an idea way to make garden improvements inexpensively.


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