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Generator Hire in Slough

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Trident Industrial Estate
Blackthorne Road

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Tel: 01753 326 220


Silent, Diesel and Petrol Generators in Slough

Hiring a generator in Slough can be crucial for many types of businesses. Because they can be expensive to buy many businesses choose to hire a generator. They can be used in any location and for any type of work as there are a vast range of models to choose from, such as Honda, Perkins, GenSet, SDMO and FG Wilson. Best at hire will be able to find you one to fit your particular needs.

Types of generators

If you are looking for generator hire in Slough that can be used all day every day then it may be best to rent a diesel generator as they have several distinct advantages. Although diesel is more expensive to buy than other fuels a diesel generator is more efficient and will use less fuel than a petrol generator. This means that in the long run it will be cheaper to run. Diesel is also not as flammable as petrol or propane, and it doesn’t evaporate very quickly either. If you are concerned about fumes then renting a diesel generator in Slough is definitely the best way to go as they burn very cleanly.

On the other hand, if you are just doing a few jobs around the house or maybe using a generator for a camping weekend then you would be best to use a petrol generator as they are lighter and easier to transport than diesel generators, and petrol is also a common fuel.

Petrol generators are the perfect solution for short term use when you are working outside a property.

Renting a propane generator from Best at hire is a very cost effective solution because propane is cheaper than both petrol and diesel. Propane is also very clean and easy to use and so is ideal for prolonged use.

Hiring versus buying

Many find renting a generator is a very cost effective way to go when they don’t often need to use one. If you run a business then buying a generator can mean a large investment of your capital. You may also need different generators for the various types of work that you do. Hiring the right generator for each job can mean greater efficiency and major financial savings. If you are looking to hire a generator for leisure use then hiring a generator makes perfect sense, as the generator may be sitting in your garage the rest of the time depreciating in value. Whatever your circumstances hiring a generator is the right thing to do.

Call us today on 01753 326 220. 

Our local branch is located at Trident Industrial Estate, Blackthorne Road, Colnbrook, Slough, SL3 0AX

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