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Generator Hire in Manchester

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Warren Road
Trafford Park
M17 1QR

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Tel: 0161 732 3220


Silent, Diesel and Petrol Generators in Manchester

When it comes to hiring a generator in Manchester, whether for trade, industry, construction or domestic use, bestathire Manchester generator hire is the ideal solution. When it comes to generators, one size certainly doesn’t fit all, which is why at there is a wide range of generators for hire, ensuring no matter what your demands you can find the right generator for hire in Manchester.

Why hire
Generators can be a substantial investment, and unless you are going to use a generator every day, hiring a generator is probably going to be the most cost effective solution. Whether you require a generator for just a day, or several weeks, Generator Hire Manchester, can arrange flexible hiring periods. There is also a wide range of different types of generator from a wide range of local hirers, to suit almost any application, including many of the major brands, such as Honda, GenSet, SDMO, Perkins and FG Wilson.

Fuel types
Choosing the right type of generator for the job in hand means deciding which fuel type is most suitable. Generators use three different fuel types: diesel, petrol or propane, and each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Diesel generators are often the choice for industry and construction because diesel is highly efficient, readily available and a relatively safe fuel to store and work with. Petrol generators are often used by homeowners and tradespeople who need a simple and easy to transport generator. While petrol generators are not as fuel efficient as diesel versions, petrol is cheaper and obviously available from any petrol station. Finally, propane generators provide a good solution for prolonged generator use as they can be connected to a ready propane supply or be fitted with propane tanks, and propane can work out cheaper than both petrol and diesel.

Location and run time
Another consideration for choosing a generator is the running time. Some generators can only operate for a few hours, while others can be left on all day. You also need to consider if fumes are going to be a consideration, in which case propane or diesel will be less of a hazard than a petrol generator, but of course, with any indoor use, ventilation is essential. Noise level is something else to consider too. In a residential area, a silenced generator will be necessary to prevent complaints. You will also want a silenced generator if you are providing power during the evening for a caravan or camping trip.

When looking to hire a generator in Manchester you need also ascertain where you will be using it and whether or not you will need to transport it around. While bestathire Manchester Generator Hire will find you the best local deal and arrange for delivery anywhere in the Manchester area, you may want to transport the generator to different locations, in which case, you need to work out how. Some large generators can be towed, and are easily connected to a tow bar, but if you only have a little van or car, a small and compact generator might be the best solution, especially if you are working in a location where it will be difficult to move a larger generator.

Hire online direct from one of our UK hire shops, or Call us today on 0344 288 8088 to speak to one of our hire representatives. Our local branch is located at Warren Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1QR

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15kva silenced diesel generator
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Road towable diesel generator
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6kva silenced diesel generator
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IT sensitive equipment generator
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2.75kva Petrol generator
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4kva petrol generator
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