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Fusion Starter use 256045 no stock

Fusion Starter use 256045 no stock

Product code: 256015
Fusion Starter use 256045 no stock
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Product details

Item:Electrofusion Starter Switch

Designed to offer automatic conection of HDPE electrofusion fitting for pipes ranging from 200mm up to 315mm in diameter, our 240v fusion starter is a practical and handy device.  It harnesses the heat and pressure produced in the welding process to create simple yet reliable and long-lasting joints between pipes. It gets the necessary heat from flowing a constant electrical current through the embedded heater wires within the sleeve fitting, which is positioned around the two pipes that are being joined together. It obtains the pressure required to create the joint via the shrinking process of the fitting under welding conditions. This process does not change the internal bore of the joint (as each of the ends and the centre of the fitting are deliberately kept cold throughout). The result is a rigid, strong and professional joint that will last for a long time. Once the joint is finished, the heater wires stay encased in the HDPE so there is no risk of corrosion.

Please note: In order to create professional, high quality joints you need to make sure the connecting sleeve fitting is fitted evenly between both pipes, and that the pipes have burr-free, straight edges.

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