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Pipe freezing & testing hire

Pipe Freezing Machines 

For pipe freezing kit hire  visit Best at hire, your national tool hire centre.

Pipe freezing offers a quick, clean and efficient means of undertaking plumbing repairs and piping extensions or alterations without the need to isolate or drain the whole water piping system. It can be carried out on small and large tubes, on copper tube as well as other metallic and plastic piping systems. The process uses the evaporation of a volatile fluid to remove heat from the pipe and its contents, creating an internal ice plug within the pipe, which can withstand the water pressure. Pipe freezing is achieved either with an aerosol spray or a refrigeration / pipe freezing machine.

Our plumbing freeze kit range

Our electric pipe freezing kits / pipe freezing machines are popular with customers working on plumbing repairs – such as repairing broken pipes, central heating, and radiators. We also offer pipe pressure tester hire, which is designed to test all your pipework after you have completed repairs or installations. 

We have created a wide portfolio of quality plumbing tools for hire at very competitive prices, aimed at both DIY and trade customers. All of our equipment is available via a large network of hire depots spread throughout the country – or via a handy delivery service  .

How to freeze a pipe for repair

Many people choose to hire a pipe freezing machine because it offers several advantages over the aerosol method. Firstly, the machine can be used repeatedly. Secondly, you do not need complete access around the pipe (because the freezer head clamps are made to fit along the side of the pipe, whereas the aerosol demands full access). Another major advantage of using the refrigeration (or pipe freezing) machine is that the pipe will stay frozen for as long as the power is switched on, making it more practical for major repairs or alterations that are likely to take longer to carry out. 

Once you have read up on how to use a pipe freezing kit, you will need to prepare by stopping all water flow within the pipe. Even a tiny drip from a tap could prevent proper freezing. If you are working with a hot water pipe, shut off any circulation pump, and give the pipe time to cool down.

Next, take your pipe freezing machine, and clamp the freeze head to the pipe. Try to freeze horizontal (as opposed to vertical) sections of pipe, since natural heat convection in a vertical section can cause movement – reducing the ice plug's lifetime. If your heating system piping contains any anti-freeze or corrosion inhibitors these may increase the amount of time it takes to freeze the pipe. 

Connect the machine to a power supply, switch it on, and wait for the necessary amount of time (as set out in the user manual) before you start using it. Keep the machine running until your work is finished – then when you no longer need the ice plug, switch off the machine and remove the freeze head.

Affordable pipe freezer hire prices

Hire pipe freezing machines online, or call 0344 288 8088 if you would like some advice.

We work hard to offer competitive rental prices, a good choice of products, and flexible rental periods. We have established a very large network of hire depots, too, spread right across the UK – so it is easy to pick up your chosen tool hire items. If collection is not convenient, however, we also offer a delivery service  

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