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Gas Flame Gun - Double Head

Gas Flame Gun - Double Head

Product code: 140035
Gas Flame Gun - Double Head
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Product details

Item:2 Head Flame Gun

Our handy 2 head gas flame gun is ideal for clearing weeds and other unwanted garden plants without using any harmful chemicals that could disrupt the balance of your soil - providing gardeners with a quick, modern and efficient method of weeding. It is well-suited to tackling larger areas of tough weeds and plant debris, with a long wand to enable you to walk around with ease, pointing the flame at the weeds with precision as you move.

All you need to do is squeeze the handle to produce a flame from the gun head, which effectively burns the weeds, causing them to wither immediately and then die off within a couple of days. Eliminating the tiring and time-consuming manual labour usually associated with weeding, this versatile tool can be used right across your garden – on weeds that are growing between patio or paving stones, around a pond, or in flower beds and other soil. There is no need to get down on your hands and knees to remove the roots because this burning process, which lasts just a few seconds, affects the plant's cell structure - causing the weeds to die off soon afterwards.

An alternative use for this convenient device is melting ice on driveways or patios during cold spells.

Remember: Always use safety gloves whilst using this machine.

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