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Wallpaper Stripper 240V

Product code: 230010
wallpaper stripper
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Product details

Wallpaper Steamer for Hire

 Guaranteed in Stock

Perfect for both professional decorators and domestic applications.

Remove old wallpaper quickly and easily with this practical and efficient 240v steam wallpaper stripper. It is very easy to use, and the steam rapidly penetrates and soaks the wallpaper, loosening the adhesive that is holding the paper to the wall. This ensures fast, easy, mess-free removal with a simple scraper, in large sections at a time – making the job far easier than it would be using a simple sponge and warm water. 

The steamer will be able to remove multi-layered papers as well as painted over wallpaper, vinyl, foil, flock and woodchip. It is also very effective at removing non-paper based wall coverings such as hessian fixed with UPVA glues.

User Tips: 

  • If you are tackling thick or painted papers, prepare the wall before using the steam stripper by using a wallpaper perforator across the entire area.
  • Read the user manual carefully before use, and be aware of the location of the power switch in case you need to turn off the machine quickly.
  • Keep the windows open in the room that you are working in to allow good ventilation, and cover furniture, fittings and floors.
  • Never attempt to over reach with the steam plate. 
  • Protect your safety by wearing goggles and protective clothing, and make sure you do not touch the hot plate. During use, hot steam will re-condense and collect in the bottom of the plate - so be careful not to spill this over yourself or any co-workers.

Technical Specification:

  • Based on: HTW Steam Team Wallpaper Stripper 07180
  • Heater element: 2500W
  • Power consumption: 10.5A
  • Tank capacity: 7l
  • Steam plate weight: 800g
  • Width: 224mm
  • Depth: 554mm
  • Height: 382mm
  • Nett weight: 7kg

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  • + Day - This is the rate for an Additional Day of hire.
  • Weekend - The weekend rate covers Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm.
  • Weekly - The maximum rate for each 7 day period.
  • Items are available for longer term hire. Please enquire.



Q - Do you fill it up with hot or cold water?

  • You can fill it with either hot or cold water and then you just connect it to the power supply and wait for it to steam up.

Q - How long will it take to heat up and how long will it last before refilling?

  • The wallpaper steamer holds up to 7 litres (1.5 Gallons) of water and will heat up in 10 to 25 minutes and continue to run for up to 90 minutes before automatically turning off when a low water level is reached. You then simply disconnect the steamer from the power supply, wait 2 minutes to allow it to cool down and then refill it.

Q - What will the steamer remove?

  • The steamer will be able to remove multi-layered papers as well as painted over wallpaper, vinyl, foil, flock and woodchip. It is also very effective at removing non-paper based wall coverings such as hessian fixed with UPVA glues.

Q - How long is the steam plate hose?

  • The steam hose is 4 meters long.

Q - How do I know when the steamer is ready for use?

  • When the streamer produces steady jets of steam , then it is ready for use. 

Q - How do I know when the water is low and it needs a refill?

  • The wallpaper steamer will automatically switch off when a low water level is reached. Alternatively, you can stop and refill whenever you wish. Just disconnect the wallpaper stripper and allow it to cool down first, for a minimum of two minutes before refilling.

Q - Where do I store the steam plate while it is heating up?

  • You should place the steam plate face up either on the floor or a work surface which should be protected from condensation when the steam it first produced. Alternatively, you can place the steam plate in a bucket or large plastic container ready to collect the water which would have condensed from the steam in the steam plate.

Q - How do I turn the steamer off?

  • Just disconnect the power supply to switch off.

Q - How powerful is the heater element?

  • The wallpaper streamer will produce 2500 watts (220/240v) and 1500 Watts (110/120v)

Q - How light is the steam plate for steaming?

  • The steam plate which you use for steaming the wallpaper from the wall only weighs 800 grams (28 oz).



Wallpaper Stripper 240VWallpaper Stripper 240VWallpaper Stripper 240VWallpaper Stripper 240VWallpaper Stripper 240V


Ratings and Reviews

wallpaper stripper   5 / 5  
Did an excellent job at removing wood chip paper from a large room
Bryonie Thomos
Very good steamer   5 / 5  
Hired this professional wallpaper steamer and found it to be much better than the cheap diy ones I've used before. It's got a nice long hose cable making it easy for those hard to reach places and the steam plate is a decent size to giving a steady steam output for long periods without needing a refill. Got old wallpaper off very easily.

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