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Black and Decker steam wallpaper stripper

Steam Wallpaper Stripper 110v

Product code: 230015
Black and Decker steam wallpaper stripper
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Product details

Item:Wallpaper Stripper
Gas Consumption:1.25kg per hr
Input Wattage:2750w 110/240v

Our efficient 110v steam wallpaper stripper offers a fast and simple way of removing wallpaper – and at the same time you will generate less mess in the process than you would using more traditional methods.

Rather than opting for the time-consuming approach of using an old-fashioned sponge and warm water to dampen and then remove the wallpaper in small pieces, this steam stripper will quickly penetrate the wallpaper, loosen the adhesive that is holding it to the wall, and make it far easier to remove in large sections using a hand scraper. 

Tips: This steam wallpaper stripper is very easy to set up and use, but it is important to read the manual thoroughly before you get started. Open the room's windows before switching on the steam stripper to allow adequate ventilation, and cover floor and any furniture. Make yourself familiar with the location of the device's power switch so that you can quickly turn off the machine if necessary. Never over reach with the steam plate, or let it touch your skin, and remember that whilst in use the steam will re-condense and collect in the bottom of the plate, creating a potential scalding / burning hazard - so be careful not to spill this boiling water over yourself or others. The wallpaper itself will also be hot once you have placed the hot plate over it to loosen the adhesive, so be careful when removing it. Always wear overalls / protective clothing whilst using the stripper as well as safety goggles to avoid any injury to your eyes or skin. 

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