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Wallpaper Stripper Hire

Wallpaper Steamer for Hire 

If you need to remove old wallpaper and would like to make the task quicker, easier and less strenuous, take a look at our wallpaper steamer hire range.

We rent out simple, manual wallpaper perforators, which are small tools that create tiny punctures in the wallpaper's surface – helping steam to penetrate and do its job of loosening the wallpaper adhesive. This additional stage is worth undertaking if your wallpaper is very thick, made of vinyl, or painted, as these types are usually harder to remove. 

Our wallpaper strippers include lightweight models that are simple to use and are ideal for domestic customers working on bedrooms or lounges, for example – while larger rooms may demand our 240v wallpaper stripper with a larger water tank for less frequent refills. Our steamers will be able to remove multi-layered papers as well as painted over wallpaper, vinyl, foil, flock and woodchip. They are also very effective at removing non-paper based wall coverings such as hessian fixed with UPVA glues.

How do I use a Wallpaper Stripper?

The old-fashioned method of removing wallpaper using just a wet sponge, a bucket of warm water, a wide putty knife and plenty of elbow grease makes far less sense when you realise how readily available – and affordable – it is to hire a wallpaper steamer. Taking much of the struggle out of removing wallpaper, these straightforward machines are easy to set up, prepare and use, even for DIY amateurs. Strips of paper will come off easier and in much larger sections. Wallpaper strippers are made up of a hot water tank, leading to a hose, which is in turn attached to a flat, hand-held hot plate from which the steam is emitted. 

Most machines simply require you to:

  • fill the tank with clean water
  • plug in and switch on the machine
  • wait while the water heats up and starts to release steam through the hot plate
  • hold the hotplate on the first section of wallpaper (generally for a few seconds – check the instructions) to penetrate and soften the underlying glue
  • shift the hot plate onto the next section of wallpaper and start steaming it while removing the previous section with a hand scraper or a wide putty knife.

There is no much more to it than that – and you will find yourself removing wallpaper much more quickly than you would without a wallpaper steamer.

Low Prices & Guaranteed Stock!

Whether you're stripping your bedroom or a larger commercial space, we can provide a wallpaper stripper suitable for the job, as well as platforms, ladders, and a whole array of other painting and decorating tools. Many of our items are guaranteed to be in stock today. Call us on 0344 288 8088 or Hire Online 24 / 7. 

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