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News & DIY Guides

8 January 2015

How to mix concrete

Plenty of DIY enthusiasts mix and lay concrete successfully themselves rather than paying someone else to do it. If you're considering mixing your own concrete, read our tips on how to go about it to achieve a smooth consistency and ensure it is long-lasting.

18 December 2014

How to break up concrete

If you're considering breaking up a tough concrete slab by yourself, you will need to make sure you have access to the necessary tools – and that you use them properly in order to get the job done safely and effectively. Our tips on how to go about this will help to get you started..

18 December 2014

How to tackle the 15 most common carpet stains and spillages ?

Learn how to tackle carpet spillages and remove stains effectively – including common culprits such as tea, coffee, alcohol and pet urine – without damaging your carpet.

15 December 2014

How to lay turf

Find out everything you need to know about laying turf to achieve an instantly beautiful lawn - and how to keep it in great condition afterwards.

15 December 2014

How to use a rotavator

If you want to improve your soil's texture and drainage, and prepare the land for seeding or planting, it is well worth using a rotavator or garden tiller. Find out when and how to use these powerful tools to achieve the best results.

15 December 2014

Heating marquees or outdoor spaces

When you're organising or hosting an outdoor event, or a function in a marquee, you will need to buy or hire heaters to ensure your guests are warm enough. It is vital to choose the right type of heater for the setting in order to keep guests safe and comfortably warm. Here we take a look at some of the best outdoor heating options.

11 December 2014

Heater hire for outdoor events and marquees

"With Britain's notoriously unpredictable climate, when you're hosting an event outdoors or in a marquee it is vital to provide adequate heating to keep your guests happy. Here we take a look at some of the safest and most effective outdoor and marquee heaters available on the market..."

11 December 2014

When to scarify my lawn

Gardeners scarify their lawn to get rid of the 'undergrowth' or thatch that often builds up over time. Read our tops tips on when and how to scarify your lawn.

11 December 2014

How to scarify a lawn

Lawns that are prone to a build up of thatch require scarification from time to time. Read our top tips on how to scarify a lawn.

11 December 2014

When to aerate my lawn?

Best at hire's top tips on why, how and when to aerate your lawn.