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News & DIY Guides

6 March 2015

How to use a stump grinder

If you are looking at removing a tree stump with a stump grinder , then check out this useful guide on how to use one to maximum effect.

6 March 2015

How to spray paint with airless sprayer

If you are going to be spray painting with an airless sprayer then this useful guide will teach you how to do a professional job.

6 March 2015

How to polish a concrete floor

If you are looking at buffing up a concrete floor, then this useful guide will advise you on whats involved in achieving that perfect result.

6 March 2015

How to use a wallpaper steamer

Removing wallpaper could be an easy task, but you won’t be able to foretell this unless you start pulling at a loose seam. This useful guide helps you through the pitfalls of stripping wallpaper.

29 January 2015

Types of heaters explained - Direct, Indirect, Radiant

If you are planning to hire or buy a new heater – whether it's for an office, a warehouse, an event, or any other space – you will need to have an idea of the types of heater available and their suitability for your particular application.

29 January 2015

Heating advice - choosing the right heater for your needs

This straightforward heating guide is aimed at individuals who are considering hiring a heater to cater for a specific situation – whether it's to dry out your home after an accidental flood; to heat a marquee for a one-off event in your back garden, such as a wedding or a birthday gathering; or to heat a small indoor space such as a shop or a home-based office.

15 January 2015

How to heat your marquee / outdoor event

Event planning can be a very time-consuming and potentially stressful task, and incorporating adequate heating is just one of the many major considerations.

15 January 2015

How to Use a Wacker Plate

A wacker plate or plate compactor is a vibratory rammer with a large vibrating baseplate that is used in the construction industry to create a level grade. They are vital pieces of equipment when creating a pathway or driveway, or constructing a building – because without compaction the soil, sand or gravel can sink, causing cracks in any structure above.

15 January 2015

How to screed a floor

Sometimes you will find yourself with a concrete floor that is not level, or that has wires or cable running across it that need to be covered. The obvious solution is to add a good layer of screed over the top of the concrete subfloor. A screed is also the preferred choice when laying underfloor heating pipes.

8 January 2015

How to lay concrete

If you fancy trying to lay concrete yourself for home DIY projects, rather than bringing in the professionals, you could save yourself some money -- but remember to tackle a small, manageable project first to hone your skills before attempting anything too complex.