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News & DIY Guides

20 October 2015

Home maintenance jobs for winter

With the arrival of autumn and the prospect of colder weather on its way, there are some important annual maintenance tasks and seasonal jobs to get done around the house and garden.

20 October 2015

Safety in window cleaning using portable ladders

An extensive article about the risks in using portable ladders, how to avoid risks and choosing suitable equipment.

5 October 2015

Wood dust: Controlling the risks

There are a number of health and safety risks associated with environments where wood dust is produced, and this article aims to highlight the key hazards – and offer practical suggestions as to how they might be controlled.

1 October 2015

Safe use of a manually-operated cross cutting saw

Woodworking machines are potentially dangerous pieces of equipment even in the hands of a skilled operator, and saws are the leading cause of accidents in the woodworking industry. In most cases, however, the accident could have been prevented simply by offering operators adequate training – and ensuring sufficient supervision during use.

1 October 2015

How to use a nail gun

A useful guide explaing how to use a nail gun safely.

17 August 2015

How to work safely with cement and concrete

There are some risks associated with working with concrete – so you will need to be aware of these, and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

17 August 2015

How to fit a letter box or cat flap

The method you use to fit a letterbox or a cat flap is very similar, so in this guide we offer you some tips to help you get either job right first time.

17 August 2015

Painting and repairing exterior walls

Flaky paint and damaged bricks can leave your property looking tired and unloved. A fresh lick of masonry paint and a little bit of repair work will not only make it look far better, but will also help to protect your home from further weather damage. Find out how here.

10 August 2015

How to trim a hedge

Well-maintained hedges not only add an attractive feature to your garden but they can also act as a wind shield, offer extra privacy, and provide an ideal habitat for birds, insects and other welcome wildlife.

10 August 2015

Why is brick and block so popular for building homes?

In the UK, masonry – also known as traditional brick and block – remains one of the most common construction materials used to build new houses.