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News & DIY Guides

14 November 2013

How to measure for blinds

If you want to buy and fit new blinds on your windows, and are planning to measure up yourself, always take the measurements twice to be absolutely sure they are right. You will waste both time and money if you measure incorrectly and have your blinds made or cut down to the wrong size.

7 November 2013

Fixing damp problems in your home

Most damp problems in buildings are caused by one of three things: condensation, rising damp, or penetrating damp.

31 October 2013

2013 UK Home Improvement Trends

Welcome to our 2013 UK Home Improvement infographic. We have researched the facts and figures behind this year's home improvement trends to serve to you in an appealing and easy to digest format. We hope you enjoy the piece and don't forget to share it with your friends!

28 October 2013

Reusing or recycling your christmas tree

Once the festive season comes to a close and it's time to take down your Christmas decorations, artificial trees will get packed up and put back into storage for next year – but if you have bought a real Christmas tree you will need to decide how to reuse, recycle or dispose of it. If your tree has a good, intact root system you could plant it in your garden to use again in future years. If, on the other hand, your Christmas tree was cut at the base, you will need a different plan of action. There are a number of possibilities:

24 October 2013

Taking care of your lawn during the Autumn

When autumn arrives, check your lawn for signs of post-summer wear-and-tear and, if necessary, apply treatments to help restore it before winter sets in. September is usually a good time to do this – when temperatures are still milder, giving grass the chance to respond while it's still growing.

17 October 2013

Taking care of your lawn during the summer

As the temperatures warm up and we want to spend more time outdoors, our garden lawns tend to get well-used. This usage along with hot, dry weather can cause lawns to become stressed, worn and patchy if they are not given the necessary care and maintenance.

17 October 2013

Taking care of your lawn during the spring

During the springtime, your lawn will be actively growing - and as a result it will demand regular mowing, feeding, and treatments such as moss killer. It may start the season looking rather worn and unhealthy after the harsher winter months, but with regular maintenance you can restore it to its former glory in time for the summer months when you want to use it the most.

3 October 2013

Taking care of your lawn during the winter

The winter can take its toll on your lawn, particularly during prolonged periods of wet weather or cold snaps, so it's vital that you take good care of it so that it stays in the best shape possible in preparation for spring.

30 September 2013

How to transport your ladder securely

Ladder transportation can be tricky if you are not familiar with the equipment you need to do it, but it is vital that your secure ladders properly so that you avoid accidents on the road, or theft of the equipment while your vehicle is parked.

23 September 2013

Working with vibrator plates and breakers

Avoiding Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). With many people choosing to take on more complex DIY jobs themselves rather than pay a professional contractor to do it, there are plenty of tasks that demand specialist equipment in order to complete the work.