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News & DIY Guides

10 February 2014

How to remove wallpaper

Stripping outdated or unwanted wallpaper doesn't really demand any great skill, but it is not always as easy to remove off as one might hope. With a little know-how and a few handy tools and materials, however, anybody can tackle the job head-on.

6 February 2014

Stripping paint from old woodwork

If you are redecorating an older house, one of the first jobs you often face is stripping off paint from the woodwork. It can prove to be a messy and time-consuming job, but with a few very accessible tools and materials you can speed up the process and achieve great results.

30 January 2014

How to unblock a drain

Unblocking the drains may not be the most pleasant of jobs, but you can usually get the job done in under half an hour if there is only a minor blockage – and, if you can put up with the smell, you will save a lot of money by doing it yourself rather than calling in a professional.

23 January 2014

How to paint a room to achieve the best results

The average room in a house takes less than a day to paint, and with the right tools it is a DIY task that most home owners can take on themselves rather than paying for a professional decorator. Our guide to painting a room offers guidance and tips to help you achieve the best finish.

20 January 2014

Top tips for maintaining garden tools

Many avid gardeners invest in a fairly extensive collection of garden tools, some of which demand more maintenance than others. Rather than throwing away money constantly replacing neglected tools, you can help them to last a lot longer by taking good care of them all year round. Best at hire offers some top tips on how to care for your garden tools.

9 January 2014

PrunIng fruit trees

The best time of year for pruning fruit trees depends on the type. The most common types are free-standing fruit trees or bush trees – for example those that are grown in an orchard. These should be pruned outside of growth periods, during the winter. Trained or shaped fruit trees, on the other hand – including cordons, espaliers, pyramids, and fans – should be pruned between late August and early September.

6 January 2014

How to put up a new fence by embedding posts in concrete

You can secure fence posts in the ground using specially-designed metal spikes, but some people prefer to embed them in concrete. Here we look at the concrete method and explain which garden tools and other equipment you will need.

6 January 2014

How to put up a new fence using metal spikes

Fencing is a popular choice for garden boundaries because it works out cheaper than building a wall, and the job can be undertaken by most DIY enthusiasts.

19 December 2013

Hedge pruning and maintenance

Hedges provide an attractive and cost-effective 'living wall' for your garden when they are well looked-after – but if they are not properly maintained they can soon grow out of shape, casting unwanted shadows across large parts of your garden or home. Hedges need formative pruning when you first plant them, and an ongoing maintenance schedule to keep them neat while they are actively growing.

27 November 2013

Wallpapering inside corners

Hanging wallpaper is something many of us would tackle as a DIY project, and when you have the right decorating tools it is generally fairly straightforward – although it can become more of a challenge when you reach the corners of the room.