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News & DIY Guides

22 March 2018

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend Offer

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend Offer - Get 4 Days Hire for the Price of 2!

29 March 2017

How to Polish a Concrete Floor

You can end up with a fantastic, stylish floor by polishing concrete - here's how you do it.

27 February 2017

How does a Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner work and why use one?

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is designed to deal not only with dry dust and dirt, but also with liquid spills. Its versatility makes it a very handy piece of equipment to have on hand for indoor and even outdoor tasks.

22 February 2017

What is an Air Scrubber and how do you use them?

Air scrubbers are portable filtration systems that clean the air in a room or workspace.

20 February 2017

Airmovers – What are they and how to use them

Air movers have a very wide range of applications, particularly at industrial sites, and are a often regarded as an essential piece of equipment because of their amazing versatility. They are perhaps best known, however, for their use in floor or water damage restoration, and for carpet drying after cleaning.

30 January 2017

Condensation: What is it? Why do I have it? What can I do about it?

Of all the damp problems found in British homes, condensation is by far the most common. This article explores the reasons why and how we can solve the situation.

30 January 2017

Dehumidifiers - Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your most common dehumidifier questions such as - How much does a dehumidifier cost to run? What is the best place to site a dehumidifier? What size dehumidifier do I need? Plus many more.

10 January 2017

Working at Height - FAQ's

“Work at height" refers to a whole host of work scenarios in which you could find yourself falling a distance that could potentially cause personal injury. Basically, a fall from height involves a fall from one level to a lower level.

13 December 2016

What Kind of Damp is Affecting my Home?

Learn about the different types of damp and how they must be treated in different ways.

13 December 2016

Which Type of Dehumidifier do I Need ?

There are two types of dehumidifier - Desiccant & Refrigerant. This useful guide helps you decide which one you need.

7 December 2016

An Introduction to Condensation in the Home

What is condensation and how to do I know if I have it? This guide helps to give an introduction to condensation and what to look out when experiencing this damp problem.

6 December 2016

The Health Benefits of using a Dehumidifier

A brief guide outlining the number of health benefits you can get with using a dehumidifier.

5 December 2016

What are the Differences between Refrigerant and Desiccant Dehumidifiers?

A useful article explaining the main differences between refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers and how to choose which one best suits your needs.

29 November 2016

An Introduction to Dehumidifiers

A comprehensive guide to dehumidifiers and their benefits and uses.

29 November 2016

Stains: Removing Oil or Grease from your Carpet or Upholstery

Check out our quick and effective cleaning guide to remove oil or grease stains on your carpets and upholstery.

29 November 2016

Stains: Removing Vomit from your Carpet

Check out our quick and effective cleaning guide to prevent vomit stains from leaving any unpleasant smells on your carpets and upholstery.

24 November 2016

How to Remove Urine from your Carpets and Upholsteries

It's important to clean up urine from your carpet as thoroughly as possible in order to avoid an unpleasant smell lingering, as well as an unsightly stain. Find out how to remove the stain.

24 November 2016

Stains: How to Remove Tomato Sauce from your Carpet

Tomato sauce stains will come out of carpets, whether they are synthetic, man made or natural – and in general you will achieve excellent results with a readily-available household ingredient. Find out how.

24 November 2016

How to Remove a Rust Stain from your Carpet

Rust stains will come out of carpets, both natural and synthetic – and usually you can achieve good results with some readily-available household ingredients. Find out how.

24 November 2016

How to Remove Red Wine from your Carpet

A red wine spill will leave you with an unsightly stain on your carpet if you don't clean it up properly. And, as is the case with most stains, the quicker you deal with it the easier it will be to remove. Find out how.

24 November 2016

Stains: How to Remove Paint from your Carpet

Paint is easier to remove while it is still wet – and water-based paint is generally easier to remove from a carpet than oil-based paint – but regardless, you should be able to get rid of the stain as long as you follow appropriate cleaning steps. Find out how.

24 November 2016

Stains: How to Remove Nail Polish from your Carpet

If you accidentally spill nail varnish on your carpet, don't panic – with the right cleaning approach you should be able to remove the stain. Find out how.

24 November 2016

How to Remove Mould and Mildew from your Carpet

Mould can cause damage to carpets and your health, particularly if you have asthma, allergies – so it's important to clean carpets regularly to get rid of it. Here's how to do it.

24 November 2016

Lipstick Stains: How to Remove Lipstick from your Carpet

It's easy enough to accidentally drop a lipstick and leave a bright mark on your carpet – and you'll want to remove it as quickly as possible without smearing it or making the stain worse. Find out how.

24 November 2016

How to Remove Faeces from your Carpet

There are effective steps you can take to remove poo from your carpet and prevent a long-term stain – and unpleasant odours. Find out how.

24 November 2016

How to Remove Ink from your Carpet

There are several ways to go about cleaning up an ink stain from your carpet, and most households will have one or more of the required ingredients used in the various methods.

22 November 2016

How to Remove Crayon from your Carpet

The process for removing crayon marks from a carpet is similar to that of removing chewing gum. Here's how to do it.

22 November 2016

How to Remove Chewing Gum from your Carpet

Chewing gum needs to be dealt with slightly differently to most carpet stains. Follow these steps to get chewing gum off your carpet.

22 November 2016

How to Remove a Blood Stain from your Carpet

Blood stains on carpets can be very tough to remove if it is not dealt with correctly. For the best results, follow these steps carefully.

22 November 2016

How to Remove Beer Stains from Carpets and Upholsteries

Follow these simple steps to remove beer stains from your carpet and upholstery.

21 November 2016

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpets and Upholsteries

Coffee is one of the most commonly spilt drinks in the home. Read about how to remove a coffee stain from your carpet or upholstery.

14 November 2016

How to use the Hydromist compact industrial carpet cleaner

A useful quick user guide at using the Hydromist Industrial carpet cleaner which will leave you carpets and upholstery looking spic span in no time at all !

9 May 2016

Spring Bank Holiday Tool Hire Offers

Tool hire offers from Best at hire, for this Spring Bank Holiday. Get 3 days for the price of 2!

26 April 2016

Early May Bank Holiday Special

Take advantage this Early May Bank Holiday Weekend and Get 3 Day's Hire for the price of 2!

10 March 2016

Effects of Cultivation on Soil Structure

A useful article outlining the benefits of cultivation on soil structure and the importance of aerating the soil at the right time.

3 March 2016

How to change lawn aerator tines on the Camon LA20

A useful picture guide on how to change lawn aerator tines on the Canon LA20 Aerator

2 March 2016

Easter Bank Holiday Tool Hire Special

Get those DIY jobs complete and take advantage of our 2 Days Free Hire.

20 October 2015

How to use a circular saw bench safely

Circular saw benches, also sometimes referred to as rip saws, are used for cutting wood in the direction of the grain. Here we take a look at the key safety risks associated with the circular saw bench and how accidents can be avoided.

20 October 2015

Wood dust: Choosing the right respiratory protective equipment

What is the most suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to use when your work produces hardwood or softwood dust?

20 October 2015

Home maintenance jobs for winter

With the arrival of autumn and the prospect of colder weather on its way, there are some important annual maintenance tasks and seasonal jobs to get done around the house and garden.

20 October 2015

Safety in window cleaning using portable ladders

An extensive article about the risks in using portable ladders, how to avoid risks and choosing suitable equipment.

5 October 2015

Wood dust: Controlling the risks

There are a number of health and safety risks associated with environments where wood dust is produced, and this article aims to highlight the key hazards – and offer practical suggestions as to how they might be controlled.

1 October 2015

Safe use of a manually-operated cross cutting saw

Woodworking machines are potentially dangerous pieces of equipment even in the hands of a skilled operator, and saws are the leading cause of accidents in the woodworking industry. In most cases, however, the accident could have been prevented simply by offering operators adequate training – and ensuring sufficient supervision during use.

1 October 2015

How to use a nail gun

A useful guide explaing how to use a nail gun safely.

17 August 2015

How to work safely with cement and concrete

There are some risks associated with working with concrete – so you will need to be aware of these, and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

17 August 2015

How to fit a letter box or cat flap

The method you use to fit a letterbox or a cat flap is very similar, so in this guide we offer you some tips to help you get either job right first time.

17 August 2015

Painting and repairing exterior walls

Flaky paint and damaged bricks can leave your property looking tired and unloved. A fresh lick of masonry paint and a little bit of repair work will not only make it look far better, but will also help to protect your home from further weather damage. Find out how here.

10 August 2015

How to trim a hedge

Well-maintained hedges not only add an attractive feature to your garden but they can also act as a wind shield, offer extra privacy, and provide an ideal habitat for birds, insects and other welcome wildlife.

10 August 2015

Why is brick and block so popular for building homes?

In the UK, masonry – also known as traditional brick and block – remains one of the most common construction materials used to build new houses.

6 August 2015

Big savings on tool hire this August Bank Holiday!

Take advantage of our special tool hire offer for this August Bank Holiday Weekend! Find out more.

6 August 2015

How to build a brick wall

Bricklaying is widely regarded as one of the more straightforward building skills, and as a result many DIY home owners and self-builders decide to have a go themselves rather than hire a professional.

3 August 2015

Choosing the right power tools

Most power tools offer a less labour-intensive and more efficient means of carrying out practical tasks at home or in a trade environment – but with such a vast choice on the market, how do you know which products to hire or buy?

3 August 2015

Using site tools and equipment safely

Site safety should be at the top of any site manager's list of priorities, with the core aim of minimising the risks to workers and anyone who needs to visit the site. Obviously once power tools and equipment are brought onto site, specific safety considerations are required to ensure the safety of everyone operating the tools or working in the immediate vicinity.

27 July 2015

Health and safety on site

Recent years have seen significant improvements in reducing the number and rate of injuries to construction workers, thanks to health and safety taking a higher priority. We take a look at some of the key health and safety risks, and how you can manage them.

27 July 2015

Essential safety equipment

Building work carries a whole host of risks, and it is vital to make health and safety a key consideration in every stage of your construction project – regardless of its scale or complexity. Best at hire have outlined some basic items of safety gear that can help to protect everyone working on site from suffering many of the most common injuries.

27 April 2015

May Bank Holiday - Tool hire offer

May Bank Holiday - Get a FREE day's hire. Only pay our 2 Day Rate and keep the equipment from Friday noon until Tuesday.

19 March 2015

Pressure washing guide - Which psi do I need?

Pressure washers are not only up to 50 times more powerful than a garden hose but also significantly less water-consuming. To get the ideal tool you need to know the basics.

19 March 2015

How to remove turf

A useful guide about the various ways to remove turf grass and some of the most common methods used.

19 March 2015

Generators - Frequently asked questions

This useful guide will answer all your frequently asked questions on generators.

16 March 2015

How to use a brad nailer

This useful guide will give you some useful tips on how you should use a brad nailer to achieve the desired result every time.

16 March 2015

Safe use of ladders and step ladders

Although the use of stepladders and ladders in the workplace is not prohibited under any health and safety law, accidents could happen when using one. Check out this useful guide to help keep you safe when using one.

10 March 2015

How to use a post hole digger

This useful guide shows you how to use a post hole digger to achieve perfectly placed holes.

9 March 2015

How to remove wallpaper paste

This useful guide will show you how to remove wallpaper paste like a Pro!

9 March 2015

How to mow properly

One of the most frequent and significant tasks to keep the lawn healthy and great-looking is mowing. This useful guide shows to get the perfect lawn.

8 March 2015

How to use a garden shredder

One of the best ways to reduce garden rubbish is shredding. This useful guides talks you through the different types of shredders and how to use one safely.

8 March 2015

How to compost woody waste

If you have woody waste when gardening, then why not compost it. This useful guide shows you how.

7 March 2015

How to pressure wash block paving

If you have a driveway, patio or garden which has block paving , then this useful guide will show you how to pressure wash it properly.

7 March 2015

How to tile a floor

Although many people think that tiling a floor is a bit intimidating for an amateur DIY-er, in, fact, it’s not that much of a big deal if know the procedure step by step. So, here is a guide with the basics you need to know to tile a floor!

6 March 2015

How to use a chainsaw

If you want to cut up large branches or fallen trees, a chainsaw is the ideal tool for the job. However, in order to stay on the safe side, you will need the know-how, and, of course, take all safety precautions. Here, you will find the right technique for cutting up a trunk of a fallen tree, as well as the basics to avoid injuries.

6 March 2015

How to use a stump grinder

If you are looking at removing a tree stump with a stump grinder , then check out this useful guide on how to use one to maximum effect.

6 March 2015

How to spray paint with airless sprayer

If you are going to be spray painting with an airless sprayer then this useful guide will teach you how to do a professional job.

6 March 2015

How to polish a concrete floor

If you are looking at buffing up a concrete floor, then this useful guide will advise you on whats involved in achieving that perfect result.

6 March 2015

How to use a wallpaper steamer

Removing wallpaper could be an easy task, but you won’t be able to foretell this unless you start pulling at a loose seam. This useful guide helps you through the pitfalls of stripping wallpaper.

29 January 2015

Types of heaters explained - Direct, Indirect, Radiant

If you are planning to hire or buy a new heater – whether it's for an office, a warehouse, an event, or any other space – you will need to have an idea of the types of heater available and their suitability for your particular application.

29 January 2015

Heating advice - choosing the right heater for your needs

This straightforward heating guide is aimed at individuals who are considering hiring a heater to cater for a specific situation – whether it's to dry out your home after an accidental flood; to heat a marquee for a one-off event in your back garden, such as a wedding or a birthday gathering; or to heat a small indoor space such as a shop or a home-based office.

15 January 2015

How to heat your marquee / outdoor event

Event planning can be a very time-consuming and potentially stressful task, and incorporating adequate heating is just one of the many major considerations.

15 January 2015

How to Use a Wacker Plate

A wacker plate or plate compactor is a vibratory rammer with a large vibrating baseplate that is used in the construction industry to create a level grade. They are vital pieces of equipment when creating a pathway or driveway, or constructing a building – because without compaction the soil, sand or gravel can sink, causing cracks in any structure above.

15 January 2015

How to screed a floor

Sometimes you will find yourself with a concrete floor that is not level, or that has wires or cable running across it that need to be covered. The obvious solution is to add a good layer of screed over the top of the concrete subfloor. A screed is also the preferred choice when laying underfloor heating pipes.

8 January 2015

How to lay concrete

If you fancy trying to lay concrete yourself for home DIY projects, rather than bringing in the professionals, you could save yourself some money -- but remember to tackle a small, manageable project first to hone your skills before attempting anything too complex.

8 January 2015

How to mix concrete

Plenty of DIY enthusiasts mix and lay concrete successfully themselves rather than paying someone else to do it. If you're considering mixing your own concrete, read our tips on how to go about it to achieve a smooth consistency and ensure it is long-lasting.

18 December 2014

How to break up concrete

If you're considering breaking up a tough concrete slab by yourself, you will need to make sure you have access to the necessary tools – and that you use them properly in order to get the job done safely and effectively. Our tips on how to go about this will help to get you started..

18 December 2014

How to tackle the 15 most common carpet stains and spillages ?

Learn how to tackle carpet spillages and remove stains effectively – including common culprits such as tea, coffee, alcohol and pet urine – without damaging your carpet.

15 December 2014

How to lay turf

Find out everything you need to know about laying turf to achieve an instantly beautiful lawn - and how to keep it in great condition afterwards.

15 December 2014

How to use a rotavator

If you want to improve your soil's texture and drainage, and prepare the land for seeding or planting, it is well worth using a rotavator or garden tiller. Find out when and how to use these powerful tools to achieve the best results.

15 December 2014

Heating marquees or outdoor spaces

When you're organising or hosting an outdoor event, or a function in a marquee, you will need to buy or hire heaters to ensure your guests are warm enough. It is vital to choose the right type of heater for the setting in order to keep guests safe and comfortably warm. Here we take a look at some of the best outdoor heating options.

11 December 2014

Heater hire for outdoor events and marquees

"With Britain's notoriously unpredictable climate, when you're hosting an event outdoors or in a marquee it is vital to provide adequate heating to keep your guests happy. Here we take a look at some of the safest and most effective outdoor and marquee heaters available on the market..."

11 December 2014

When to scarify my lawn

Gardeners scarify their lawn to get rid of the 'undergrowth' or thatch that often builds up over time. Read our tops tips on when and how to scarify your lawn.

11 December 2014

How to scarify a lawn

Lawns that are prone to a build up of thatch require scarification from time to time. Read our top tips on how to scarify a lawn.

11 December 2014

When to aerate my lawn?

Best at hire's top tips on why, how and when to aerate your lawn.

11 December 2014

How to aerate a lawn

Our top tips on why, how and when to aerate a lawn.

3 November 2014

Garden clearance tools - the definitive list

At Best at hire there is a diverse range of gardening tools that will effortlessly cope with any job, whether you want to tidy up a domestic garden or tackle some larger scale landscaping. With everything from tree stump grinders to petrol shredders available for hire.

3 November 2014

How to use a compost bin

When it’s compost time, you should think of everything you throw away and see if it’s biodegradable. This means that anything from your veggie scraps and peelings, fruit cores, eggshells, newspaper, coffee grounds and toilet tissue tubes you simply throw it all into the composter.

3 November 2014

How to lay turf

Preparing the soil and ground underneath the new turf will make the grass growing stronger, healthier and have a much better chance of flourishing.

3 November 2014

How to build a fence

Fences are a great way to gain some privacy and separate your home from prying eyes. They are far cheaper than getting a wall built and can be done by the average DIYer.

7 April 2014

How to clean the most common household items

Best at hire's top tips on how to clean the most common household items.

7 April 2014

Power cleaning techniques using a pressure washer

To achieve the best results and avoid damaging the surfaces you are cleaning, you need to make sure you choose the right machine, and that you use it correctly. Here are our top tips on using a pressure washer.

12 March 2014

How to fit cornicing

A room's cornicing or coving – the ornamental moulding that wraps around the walls – crowns a room and covers the wall/ceiling join. If a room's original cornicing is missing or damaged you can replace it yourself without needing too many advanced DIY skills.

3 March 2014

Prepare and paint interior woodwork

If you would like your woodwork to look fresh, smooth and crisp after you paint it, we have some DIY-friendly 'professional' tips that will help you achieve the very best results.

3 March 2014

Pond care - your seasonal guide

Ponds can provide a lovely feature for a garden, and they also offer a rich habitat for a whole host of wildlife. With an occasional clean up to remove the debris, however, along with a bit of regular maintenance, you can keep your pond looking great all year round

10 February 2014

How to remove wallpaper

Stripping outdated or unwanted wallpaper doesn't really demand any great skill, but it is not always as easy to remove off as one might hope. With a little know-how and a few handy tools and materials, however, anybody can tackle the job head-on.

6 February 2014

Stripping paint from old woodwork

If you are redecorating an older house, one of the first jobs you often face is stripping off paint from the woodwork. It can prove to be a messy and time-consuming job, but with a few very accessible tools and materials you can speed up the process and achieve great results.

30 January 2014

How to unblock a drain

Unblocking the drains may not be the most pleasant of jobs, but you can usually get the job done in under half an hour if there is only a minor blockage – and, if you can put up with the smell, you will save a lot of money by doing it yourself rather than calling in a professional.

23 January 2014

How to paint a room to achieve the best results

The average room in a house takes less than a day to paint, and with the right tools it is a DIY task that most home owners can take on themselves rather than paying for a professional decorator. Our guide to painting a room offers guidance and tips to help you achieve the best finish.

20 January 2014

Top tips for maintaining garden tools

Many avid gardeners invest in a fairly extensive collection of garden tools, some of which demand more maintenance than others. Rather than throwing away money constantly replacing neglected tools, you can help them to last a lot longer by taking good care of them all year round. Best at hire offers some top tips on how to care for your garden tools.

9 January 2014

PrunIng fruit trees

The best time of year for pruning fruit trees depends on the type. The most common types are free-standing fruit trees or bush trees – for example those that are grown in an orchard. These should be pruned outside of growth periods, during the winter. Trained or shaped fruit trees, on the other hand – including cordons, espaliers, pyramids, and fans – should be pruned between late August and early September.

6 January 2014

How to put up a new fence by embedding posts in concrete

You can secure fence posts in the ground using specially-designed metal spikes, but some people prefer to embed them in concrete. Here we look at the concrete method and explain which garden tools and other equipment you will need.

6 January 2014

How to put up a new fence using metal spikes

Fencing is a popular choice for garden boundaries because it works out cheaper than building a wall, and the job can be undertaken by most DIY enthusiasts.

19 December 2013

Hedge pruning and maintenance

Hedges provide an attractive and cost-effective 'living wall' for your garden when they are well looked-after – but if they are not properly maintained they can soon grow out of shape, casting unwanted shadows across large parts of your garden or home. Hedges need formative pruning when you first plant them, and an ongoing maintenance schedule to keep them neat while they are actively growing.

27 November 2013

Wallpapering inside corners

Hanging wallpaper is something many of us would tackle as a DIY project, and when you have the right decorating tools it is generally fairly straightforward – although it can become more of a challenge when you reach the corners of the room.

14 November 2013

How to measure for blinds

If you want to buy and fit new blinds on your windows, and are planning to measure up yourself, always take the measurements twice to be absolutely sure they are right. You will waste both time and money if you measure incorrectly and have your blinds made or cut down to the wrong size.

7 November 2013

Fixing damp problems in your home

Most damp problems in buildings are caused by one of three things: condensation, rising damp, or penetrating damp.

31 October 2013

2013 UK Home Improvement Trends

Welcome to our 2013 UK Home Improvement infographic. We have researched the facts and figures behind this year's home improvement trends to serve to you in an appealing and easy to digest format. We hope you enjoy the piece and don't forget to share it with your friends!

28 October 2013

Reusing or recycling your christmas tree

Once the festive season comes to a close and it's time to take down your Christmas decorations, artificial trees will get packed up and put back into storage for next year – but if you have bought a real Christmas tree you will need to decide how to reuse, recycle or dispose of it. If your tree has a good, intact root system you could plant it in your garden to use again in future years. If, on the other hand, your Christmas tree was cut at the base, you will need a different plan of action. There are a number of possibilities:

24 October 2013

Taking care of your lawn during the Autumn

When autumn arrives, check your lawn for signs of post-summer wear-and-tear and, if necessary, apply treatments to help restore it before winter sets in. September is usually a good time to do this – when temperatures are still milder, giving grass the chance to respond while it's still growing.

17 October 2013

Taking care of your lawn during the summer

As the temperatures warm up and we want to spend more time outdoors, our garden lawns tend to get well-used. This usage along with hot, dry weather can cause lawns to become stressed, worn and patchy if they are not given the necessary care and maintenance.

17 October 2013

Taking care of your lawn during the spring

During the springtime, your lawn will be actively growing - and as a result it will demand regular mowing, feeding, and treatments such as moss killer. It may start the season looking rather worn and unhealthy after the harsher winter months, but with regular maintenance you can restore it to its former glory in time for the summer months when you want to use it the most.

3 October 2013

Taking care of your lawn during the winter

The winter can take its toll on your lawn, particularly during prolonged periods of wet weather or cold snaps, so it's vital that you take good care of it so that it stays in the best shape possible in preparation for spring.

30 September 2013

How to transport your ladder securely

Ladder transportation can be tricky if you are not familiar with the equipment you need to do it, but it is vital that your secure ladders properly so that you avoid accidents on the road, or theft of the equipment while your vehicle is parked.

23 September 2013

Working with vibrator plates and breakers

Avoiding Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). With many people choosing to take on more complex DIY jobs themselves rather than pay a professional contractor to do it, there are plenty of tasks that demand specialist equipment in order to complete the work.

19 September 2013

Tips for working safely in a confined space

Every year a number of people are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces, including people working in the space themselves, and those who try to rescue them without the proper training and equipment.

5 September 2013

Safety tips for working at height

When you're working at height - in any situation where you could fall a distance that might cause injury, whether you're above or below ground - there are some simple measures you can take to dramatically reduce your risk of falling.

2 September 2013

How to hang wallpaper

Here's our step-by-step guide to DIY wallpapering to help you achieve the best results.

28 August 2013

Choosing and fitting a blind

When you put up a blind you not only add to the room's look and feel, but you also gain more privacy and an effective means of adjusting the amount of light flooding in. Here we offer you a basic guide to choosing and fitting blinds in your home, including tips on measuring, trimming and hanging.

Floor buffers: How to get the best results
12 August 2013

Floor buffers: How to get the best results

Floor buffers or scrubbers offer the quickest and easiest way of cleaning hard floor surfaces, producing superb results. Just one pass will leave floors clean, shiny, and ready to walk on within minutes – but if the machines are not handled properly, over time they can cause expensive damage to your floors.

Top tips on how to sand a floor
12 June 2013

Top tips on how to sand a floor

Top tips to sanding your floors so that you bring out the best in the them or just to brighten up dull wood and re-varnish. These tips will help you sand and protect your beautiful wooden floors.

Looking after Your Lawn in Winter
13 November 2012

Looking after Your Lawn in Winter

Best at hire's top tips to looking after your lawn in Winter and what garden tools you need to hire to do the job.

13 November 2012

Looking after your lawn in Autumn

Autumn is probably the most important season for maintaining and promoting a healthy lawn. Best at hire offer our top tips to looking after your lawn in Autumn and what tools you need to do the job.

13 November 2012

Looking After Your Lawn in Summer

There are a few rules to keep your lawn in good condition and more able to withstand the rigours of the autumn and winter. Here are our top tips on looking after your lawn in Summer and what garden tools you need to do the job.

13 November 2012

Looking After Your Lawn in Spring

Top tips on looking after your lawn in Spring and what garden tools you need to do the job.

26 October 2012

Simple Ways of Soundproofing Your Home

Noise is one of the most common problems associated with urban living and could have a negative effect on a family’s quality of life.

28 September 2012

Getting rid of damp with a dehumidifier

Dampness is the bane of many a householder, and the smell is usually the first sign that you are suffering from dampness in your home

19 September 2012

Generator Hire

When you need a source of power outdoors or in a location with no mains electricity, then you are going to need a generator.

19 September 2012

Rotavator Hire

When you need to employ the services of specialised equipment to break up a soil surface, you should consider the options we can offer at We can provide rotavator hire that will guarantee to get your job done as efficiently as possible, and we have equipment that is versatile enough to cope with a variety of tasks, from domestic situations to larger scale projects.

19 September 2012

How to use a karcher domestic carpet cleaner

Over time, the normal amount of foot traffic in a home is going to cause some wear and tear on the carpets; which is why you may want to consider deep steaming your carpets at least once every few years if not more often, in order to remove the stains and freshen the colour of your carpets.

19 September 2012

How to work safely at height

Best at hire gives you their top tips to working safely at height.

19 September 2012

How to prevent, monitor and treat damp

Damp can be one of the most frustrating and damaging problems that can occur within a property, especially if the area is already predisposed to minor flooding or other water problems. There are several different ways that you can treat damp once it is there, but there are also several ways to keep an eye on damp so that you know if it is developing and can treat it before it starts to penetrate the property.

19 September 2012

How to prepare a wooden floor for sanding

Wooden floors are a an excellent way to add some character to a room while also making it look more authentic and classic, but before you rush out to buy new wooden flooring you might want to consider if you can sand down the dirt and paint to restore the wooden flooring that is already in place at your home.

4 September 2012

Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

Everyone goes into their kitchen sometimes and sees it with new eyes, only to decide that it is very dull and drab.

Stripping wooden doors - tools & techniques
30 August 2012

Stripping wooden doors - tools & techniques

Stripping interior wooden doors is a fairly common DIY task; one undertaken by thousands of us who either want to prime the door for a new coat of paint or are looking for that “shabby chic” look.

29 May 2012

How To fell a tree

If you have a tree that needs felling, then you will need to hire a chainsaw that is fit for the job.

Top 10 Power Tools
20 April 2012

Top 10 Power Tools

It was 1895 when man developed the first power tool, it was an electric hand drill developed by German inventor Wilhelm Emil Fein. Ever since then man has had an obsession with power tools, mainly due to the fact they make building and destroying things that much easier. Below is our list of top 10 power tools that everyone should have a go with at some point.

14 February 2012

A beginners guide to steam cleaning

Steam Clean hire is an ideal cost effective way to deep clean and sanitize items in your home or office that require thorough cleaning.

27 January 2012

Benefits to lawn aeration

There are many benefits associated with lawn aeration.

Basic Guide to Lawn Scarifiers
24 January 2012

Basic Guide to Lawn Scarifiers

For those of you who aspire to have the perfect lawn, why don’t you hire a Lawn Scarifier to help you achieve these results. As part of the essential gardening tools for your lawn maintenance regime, lawn scarification is necessary to help prevent the build up of weeds, dead plants and surface debris which hinders strong healthy grass to grow.

12 January 2012

Pressure washer cleaning tips

Pressure washer hire is a great affordable way in assisting with a wide range of outdoor cleaning jobs such as cleaning driveways, patios and cars.

A guide to hiring sod cutters
12 January 2012

A guide to hiring sod cutters

Turf Cutter hire is an ideal solution to assist with any landscaping gardening project that require turf to be removed or relayed quickly, effectively and effortlessly.

Why use a garden roller
3 January 2012

Why use a garden roller

Primarily used for flattering grass, lawn rollers are available in a number of different sizes and weights so this needs to be considered when you hire a garden roller.

An Introduction to flail mowers
7 December 2011

An Introduction to flail mowers

Flail Mowes are great rough cut mowers with the ability to clear the toughest areas of overgrown vegetation and grass. When you rent a mower, you need to ascertain the best type of mower for the job at hand as not all mowers are suited for all gardens , fields or situations.

23 November 2011

Tools & Equipment

Customers are using the internet for phrases such as tool hire London, tool hire Bristol, tool hire Nottingham, tool hire Edinburgh, tool hire Derby, tool hire Glasgow...

23 November 2011

Basic Guide to Podium Towers

When working on Ceilings or walls, podium step hire is a safe alternative to using a ladder.

Tree stump grinder tips
14 November 2011

Tree stump grinder tips

When homeowners are cutting down trees they are left with the prospect of either leaving the tree stump in the ground or trying to remove it. Stump Grinders for rent is an ideal way to assist gardeners solve this problem as this eliminates any need to use chemicals or the use of burning to for tree stump removal.

Hedge & Tree Cutting Equipment
12 November 2011

Hedge & Tree Cutting Equipment

When you want to remove branches or prune trees in your garden then why don’t you rent a chainsaw to assist you with your garden maintenance needs. Chainsaw hire is an affordable way to save yourself money by doing pruning, bucking or small felling work yourself without having to spend out on garden contractors to do the work for you.

10 November 2011

What is a lawn aerator

A lawn aerator is piece of garden machinery which is designed to puncture holes in the soil thus helping to alleviate soil compaction and improve drainage. This, in turn, helps more nutrients get into the ground and penetrate the grass roots which encourages and stimulates root growth.

A basic guide to hiring a mini digger
10 November 2011

A basic guide to hiring a mini digger

Hiring a mini digger is a great affordable way to assist with small scale excavation for both private individuals and building contractors working on projects.

Garden chipper basics
10 November 2011

Garden chipper basics

One of the key aspects of garden maintenance either as part of seasonal trimming work or as a result clearing up after a storm is the upkeep of trees and shrubs and one of the most cost effective and time saving methods of doing this, is to hire a wood chipper.

Belt, Drum & Orbital Sander Basics
10 November 2011

Belt, Drum & Orbital Sander Basics

Given the number of types sanders for hire, its important to select the correct sander for the job in question. Best at hire can give you advice.

Flame guns for weed killing
7 November 2011

Flame guns for weed killing

Hiring a 2 head flame gun is a great environmental friendly way of clearing driveways , gardens or allotments of weeds and unwanted plants in a relative short space of time.

4 November 2011

Carpet cleaning machines - What's available ?

There are an abundance of domestic carpet cleaners for hire which will enable you to clean carpets, upholstery and curtains whilst still achieving the professional carpet cleaning quality but without the price.

4 November 2011

Concrete mixing Basics

When that time comes on your building project when you need to do the foundations, why don’t you hire a concrete mixer to help save you the labour and effort of trying to mix the concrete by hand.

Types of  floor sanding machines available
4 November 2011

Types of floor sanding machines available

The main types of Floor sanders available for hire include drum floor sanders, orbital floor sanders, square floor sanders and edging floor sanders.

Types of rotavator
3 November 2011

Types of rotavator

In order to produce healthy plants, perfect soil texture can be achieved aided with the use of tiller and cultivators to help prepare the soil prior to seeding.

Best at hire partnered with Hire Station
3 November 2011

Best at hire partnered with Hire Station

Best at hire are delighted to announce a new partnership with Hire Station and are now showcasing over 2,000 thousand new tool hire products with UK wide delivery available.

5 September 2011

How to unblock a drain

Strong smells, lost water pressure and flooding problems are all common symptoms of a blocked drain. Whether you’ve got a blocked drain at home or in your workplace, it’s easier than you think to rectify the problem yourself.

5 September 2011

Snow and ice removal tools

Best at hire offer a range of winter tools to help with the snow and ice this winter.

5 September 2011

Preparing your garden for winter

Ensure that your hard work isn’t wasted and you keep your lawn in great condition over the winter months by following Best at hire’s ten top tips to preparing your lawn for a harsh winter:

5 September 2011

Flood recovery equipment

If you are at risk of flooding or have recently suffered from a flood, you’ll know that having the right equipment at hand is vital to limiting any damage.

29 November 2010

Grow your own veg

1 in 5 consumers in the UK now grow their own fruit and vegetables for their own use at home, not only creating a sense of satisfaction but saving money and ensuring organic, fresh produce.

27 November 2010

Warm up this winter with portable heater hire

With a cold blast hitting the UK make sure your homes and offices are warm this winter. Best at hire has a range of electric and gas heaters for hire.

30 July 2010

Get the job done with DIY tools for hire

Best at hire has UK tool hire suppliers that offer a huge range of DIY tools & equipment for rental. Find out more here...