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News & DIY Guides September 2012

4 September 2012

Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

Everyone goes into their kitchen sometimes and sees it with new eyes, only to decide that it is very dull and drab.

19 September 2012

How to prepare a wooden floor for sanding

Wooden floors are a an excellent way to add some character to a room while also making it look more authentic and classic, but before you rush out to buy new wooden flooring you might want to consider if you can sand down the dirt and paint to restore the wooden flooring that is already in place at your home.

19 September 2012

How to prevent, monitor and treat damp

Damp can be one of the most frustrating and damaging problems that can occur within a property, especially if the area is already predisposed to minor flooding or other water problems. There are several different ways that you can treat damp once it is there, but there are also several ways to keep an eye on damp so that you know if it is developing and can treat it before it starts to penetrate the property.

19 September 2012

How to work safely at height

Best at hire gives you their top tips to working safely at height.

19 September 2012

How to use a karcher domestic carpet cleaner

Over time, the normal amount of foot traffic in a home is going to cause some wear and tear on the carpets; which is why you may want to consider deep steaming your carpets at least once every few years if not more often, in order to remove the stains and freshen the colour of your carpets.

19 September 2012

Rotavator Hire

When you need to employ the services of specialised equipment to break up a soil surface, you should consider the options we can offer at We can provide rotavator hire that will guarantee to get your job done as efficiently as possible, and we have equipment that is versatile enough to cope with a variety of tasks, from domestic situations to larger scale projects.

19 September 2012

Generator Hire

When you need a source of power outdoors or in a location with no mains electricity, then you are going to need a generator.

28 September 2012

Getting rid of damp with a dehumidifier

Dampness is the bane of many a householder, and the smell is usually the first sign that you are suffering from dampness in your home