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Skates, crates & crowbars

Machine Moving Skates

For machine skate hire visit Best at hire, you national tool hire centre.

If you are looking to hire load moving skates, crate skates or roller pinch crowbars, we can supply all the equipment you need:

Machine moving skates / shifting skates are used to move machinery or other heavy items (e.g. furniture / appliances) whilst protecting the floor. Fitted with heavy duty tyres they are easy to move around and their rubber grips help to protect the load. We also supply the turntables and steering handles required to use with this equipment.

Crate skates are also on wheels and provide a simple and affordable solution for moving around heavy crates without lifting them – and potentially straining your back.

Roller pinch crowbars are ideal for lifting and positioning machines. The sturdy steel crowbars are complemented by nylon, non-marking wheels.

Using skates safely

Machine skates are hired out in sets of four. Usually, this is made up of two fixed and two turntable skates, although in some instances all four are turntable skates but can be locked in position using the lock pin.

  • Only use on a smooth, hard surface that can withstand the weight of the load. 
  • Clear debris away and clean the floor to shift grease, oil or swarf.
  • Choose machine moving skates designed for your item’s weight. 
  • Gather any lifting and pulling equipment you will need. We can supply a range of components to suit different tasks including manual and hydraulic winches; wire and nylon ropes; shackles; toe jacks; etc - ask if you would like guidance. 
  • Work out the best position for the skates depending on the load's design. It needs to rest on the skates' top pads.
  • The load's contact point needs to be able to support its weight, just as you would need to find a suitable jacking point when jacking a car.
  • Work out the optimum position for the two rear skates. 
  • Raise your load using jacks then put the rear skates into position, making sure the protective pads are also in position. Keep hands and feet well away from the load, even when raised on jacks or a set of skates.
  • Put the front skates (which have a turntable) under the front of your load. Again, check the protective pads are in place. 
  • With the load balanced and evenly distributed between the four skates, you can then lower it onto the skates. Check that the contact point between the load and skate is strong. 
  • To steer (but NOT pull!) the load once moving, hook a steering handle over the front edge of each front skate. Never attempt to steer when the load is stationary. 
  • Attach your moving equipment to the load. Ensure the route is clear. Keep checking the path behind you in case of any trip hazards. Stay in a position whereby you can control the skates but remain clear of the raised load. Move slowly and never change direction suddenly.

Hire safe moving equipment online or by phone

Whether you are looking for crate or machine moving equipment; appliance moving equipment; furniture moving equipment; or pallet moving equipment – you can hire online or call 0344 288 8088. Enjoy competitive hire prices and a choice of hire periods. Pick up your moving gear from any one of our UK-wide depots, or ask about our delivery service .

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Machine Moving Skates
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