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Looking After Your Lawn in Summer

Date posted: 13 November 2012

Summer weather is by no means always hot and sunny – here in the UK we often have rather wet and humid summers. Even so, there are a few rules to keep your lawn in good condition and more able to withstand the rigours of the autumn and winter.

Mowing Your Lawn
The growth of the grass in summer is generally slower than in Spring and although most people think of summertime as the season for mowing constantly, it is often unwise to cut it too often as hot temperatures and lack of rain can cause the grass to become stressed if cut too short or too often. Scarifying the lawn with one of the scarifiers available from Best at Hire early in the season is a good way of making sure that the grass is not smothered by old thatch and also that any rain will reach the roots. If the summer is wet this is still beneficial, as the water will drain and won’t cause rotting material it choke the grass.

Depending on how fast the lawn is growing, it may need feeding. If you have just had a cold and wet summer, this can result in low nutrient levels and so feeding throughout the season may be necessary. It is important not to overfeed, though, as this can encourage the growth of weeds and weed grasses.

Of course we always hope that summer will be warm and dry enough for the lawn to need watering. This is best done before the grass begins to look stressed and as well as regular watering – early morning and evening being the best times – it is a good idea to hire an aerator from Best at Hire to make sure that the roots are getting plenty of air and that the drainage is good. This will also help to reduce stress on the grass. If you do get any really badly scorched areas which don’t look likely to come back, cutting them out with a turf cutter and replacing them either from another part of the lawn or with commercial turves will stop them looking dreadful all summer.

Keeping Pests in Check
Pests love the lawn in summer as much as we do and pests like leatherjackets and chafer grubs are two of the major culprits. If you have patches of yellow and sickly-looking grass in an otherwise healthy lawn, a treatment with a water-in nematode treatment should do the trick. If you scarify your lawn lightly occasionally through the season, this should minimise pests because it disturbs them in their larval stage.

Remember to Enjoy Your Lawn
Something that is often overlooked when talking about lawns and lawn care is that the grass is there to be enjoyed. There are jobs that have to be done, but by hiring scarifiers, aerators, turf cutters and the other garden tools necessary from a reputable hire centre such as Best at Hire you will have machines which are well maintained and specific for the job, so the whole thing will be done much more quickly and you can get down to the important business of enjoying your immaculate grass.

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