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Looking After Your Lawn in Spring

Date posted: 13 November 2012

Depending on how harsh or mild the winter has been, your lawn could do with some work to bring it back up to scratch. The very least it will need is feeding. To make sure that your lawn gets the right nutrients at the right concentration it is important to buy a good all-round fertilizer. If you have noticed a lot of weeds in your lawn, then you can use a weed and moss-killer along with the feed, often out of the same box, so making the task a lot easier. Feeding after aerating is a good idea as the feed gets to the roots more easily.

Dealing with Broadleaf Weeds
If you have a lot of broadleaf weeds, you might find you have to treat these separately. A good time to do this is just before you arrange your scarifier hire so that the dead leaves are comprehensively removed. If you have very persistent weeds the best way to deal with them is to dig them out by hand or with an automated weeder, one of the best garden tools any lawn enthusiast can own. Although this may seem very time-consuming at first, it will ultimately be worth it as completely removing the weeds will mean that all you have to contend with in future is seedlings, which are to keep under control with regular mowing. Scarifying the lawn regularly will remove dormant weeds amongst the thatch.

After the first mow of spring – with the blades set quite high – it will probably be obvious that there are patches where the lawn has not come through the winter all that well. This may be because people cut across a corner, or it may be near a washing line or the dustbin. Whatever the reason, you can deal with worn patches either by over seeding the thin patch or, if you are unlikely to be able to keep the traffic off the area, you could hire a turf cutter from Best at Hire and transfer a section from a healthy, inconspicuous part of the garden. You can then over seed the worn patches and they will have a chance to recover.

Problems with Moss
Many lawns suffer from moss and this needs to be eradicated as soon as possible, because it can spread very quickly. Using a moss killer and then giving the lawn a deep scarify is the only way to get rid of it entirely but what it even more important to prevent its return is to topdress the lawn with sand well brushed in to improve the drainage. Doing this after aeration gives more benefit and so anyone planning a real spring lawn makeover should consider hiring an aerator and scarifier from Best at Hire.

Treating Weed Grasses
Because the lawn is really starting to grow quickly at this time of year, Spring is the best time to do all of the jobs that can make the lawn look rather messy, as the new growth will be stronger and will mask any repairs really quickly. As the grass grows, weed grasses such as annual meadow grass will be very obvious and you can deal with those by cutting out the plant and its roots. If you have a standard garden lawn these weed grasses probably won’t matter too much, but for finer lawns they should be kept in check.

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