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Looking after Your Lawn in Autumn

Date posted: 13 November 2012

Autumn is probably the most important season for maintaining and promoting a healthy lawn as the treatment it gets now will set it in good stead for withstanding the winter and for being ready for the growth spurt in the spring.

Mowing won’t be too frequent but it should be done as soon as the lawn starts to get too long and should continue until the frosts begin. The autumn is the very best time for scarifying and a good deep scarification will give you a clean lawn without a load of debris choking the roots. All scarifiers on hire from Best at Hire pick up the waste, but the lawn should also be raked so that nothing is left to encourage fungi or moulds.

Specific autumn feed is available in the shops and it is a good idea to feed your lawn to help the grass withstand attack from pests and diseases. It is a good idea to scarify and aerate before feeding to give the lawn the best chance to take in the feed. If your lawn is troubled with moss and weeds, an all-purpose weed killer and feed will save time. Broadleaf weeds will need rooting out, as a general weed killer won’t usually have much effect.

Still Time for New Turf
If you have bald spots in your lawn or if there are areas which get a lot of wear and are looking a little thin, then you can over seed in autumn. There is still just about time at this time of year to lay some late turf and it is always easier to do this if you remove the bad bits using a turf cutter. This is not a garden tool that the amateur gardener usually needs very often, so hiring is the answer and Best at Hire has a selection to choose from.

If your lawn is very mossy, the autumn scarification should go a long way to minimising or even eradicating it. If it is really bad, you might want to consider a moss killer – in that case, you should wait until the moss has turned black before scarification; this means that all the dead material will be removed and the moss is less likely to return. If you hire an aerator and make sure that you improve drainage this way, you should have less of a problem with moss in the next year.

Keep Your Lawn Clear of Debris
One very important job in autumn is removing all leaves and debris from your lawn. If you have fruit trees on your lawn you will also need to remove fallen fruit because if this is allowed to rot down you will end up with bald spots in the spring. If you have a wildlife garden you can leave a few fruits for scavenging animals, but they should be kept to a minimum. If you find that you have a lot of worm casts on your lawn this is actually a very good thing, although it may not seem like it at the time. Worms are very good for lawns as they drag down debris into the ground which is a natural fertiliser and also their tunnels aerate the soil. Just gently brush the casts over the lawn to prevent them causing bald spots, but otherwise leave them alone.

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