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Benefits to lawn aeration

Date posted: 27 January 2012

There are many benefits associated with lawn aeration. Using an aerator is a viable way to help you achieve your perfect lawn without the need of using more labour intensive alternatives such as the hollow tine fork or lawn aerator sandals. 
Whilst both may be ok for small applications; there is no comparison when competing with a petrol lawn aerator which not only delivers perfect aeration with every use but also makes light work regardless of ground conditions, therefore, providing maximum soil penetration.

There are some manufacturers of lawn aerators but the popular ones to consider using would be Honda, Camon, Al-Ko, MTD, Weibang.

Also given the number of aerators for hire available and the costs involved if you were to purchase one, the option to rent an aerator makes it not only cost effective but a sensible choice too.

What is the purpose of lawn aeration?

The main purposes of Lawn aeration is to get oxygen into the lawn soil and to relieve soil compaction which can affect both grass growth and drainage.

After mowing, this is the second most important job in lawn care as the quality of your lawn is highly dependent on the condition of the soil beneath it gets.

Over time, compaction of your lawn soil occurs whereby the earth is squeezed closer together eliminating any space for the soil to hold oxygen and water. This can happen when the lawn is used for recreational purposes (i.e. people using it) or with thatch build up on the lawn.

This starves the ground of the nutrients it needs to feed your lawn, so you then end up with lifeless looking grass.

By aerating your lawn, you are in fact reversing this process of compaction. You can use either hollow tines attached to your petrol lawn aerator or spikes, and these tines punch holes into the soil, thus allowing both air and water into the ground. The soil then becomes less dense, thatch is reduced, and the bacterial activity in the soil improves along with drainage and penetration of nutrients. If the soil is more sticky clay type, then you would want to use a hollow corer as opposed to spikes, as spiking will moving the compacted soil to other areas, thus not fixing the problem.

There are many benefits to consider when you rent an aerator, whether it be a Petrol lawn hollow tiner or some other but the main pluses to consider that lawn aeration gives is:

  • Aeration encourages thicker lawn but helping with deep rooting
  • Improvement of drainage and oxygen level to the soil
  • Beneficial when fertilizing as this can penetrate the soil better
  • Helps to reduce thatch.

Our range of Aerators

We offer the petrol powered Camon LA20 Lawn Aerator for hire which offers not only class leading performance but is also very versatile and manoeuvrable. The powerful Honda engine of the petrol lawn aerator combined with it wide working width of 41cm /16 inches allows you do lawn aeration on sizeable plots of land effortlessly and quickly.  With the aeration depth of 8cm / 3 inches and the ability to switch rapidly between spikes and a hollow corer, this gives the flexibility to use it in all ground conditions and seasons. 

How to hire?

  • UK wide Collection and Delivery available.
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  • To hire a Lawn aerator please Call us on 0344 288 8088 or you can hire online.

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