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Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

Date posted: 4 September 2012

Everyone goes into their kitchen sometimes and sees it with new eyes, only to decide that it is very dull and drab. The problem is that this rarely coincides with there being enough money available to have a complete kitchen makeover and so some thought has to go into renovation on a budget.

Going to a cheap kitchen outlet can work, but it is unlikely that the cupboards will be of excellent quality, so it is sometimes necessary to identify the areas which, if changed, will make the most impact. This could be something as simple as new curtains or new mats, but most people who want a makeover want to go further than that.

The obvious thing here would seem to be the doors and drawer fronts. There are quite a lot of suppliers who stock these, and in some cases, you don’t even have to remove the old ones, as the new fronts are thin like veneers and clip on to give an instant facelift. If the doors and drawers in the kitchen are solid wood, sanding them down is a cheap option, even if you have to hire the sanding equipment. The same goes for the floor, and the finished effect of the farmhouse kitchen can be stunning if this is offset with an old table, mismatched chairs and a beautiful big butler’s sink.

If you are handy around the house, buying up old kitchen cupboards from builder’s yards is an excellent way to carry out a cheap renovation. If you can’t get enough of the same doors to do the whole room, dispensing with cupboards in one area of the kitchen and making it a breakfast nook with an old table and some benches is one option, or you could go down the very retro look with a dresser. This could be a very old style one as in a country kitchen, or you might be able to find a zinc-lined one from the Forties which will be a style statement and also very possibly an investment for the future.

The simplest way of all of renovating a kitchen on a budget is to give it a coat of paint, and of course, this will spruce it up immediately. If you want to go a little further, then lighting can also make an enormous difference, and concealed lights under cupboards are not expensive; if you go for the LED variety, they are often battery operated and need no wiring. If you can get hold of the proper equipment – and much of it can be hired – then fitting a new work surface will give an instant lift to your kitchen. Old planks cut to size and sanded before being finished with varnish or oil look amazing, or you could visit a builders’ merchant and buy offcuts of marble and granite. Set into the wooden surfaces, they make brilliant, permanent chopping and work areas, as well as being very inexpensive.

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