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How to use a stump grinder

Date posted: 6 March 2015

Although many people think that cutting down a tree is a enormous and difficult task, compared to removing a stump, it is a walk in the park. Stump removal involves a lot of work done, which is the reason why it is usually not included in the tree removal cost. This is, probably, also the reason many people have old stumps in their back yards. However, despite the level of difficulty involved, removing a stump is definitely a doable project with the use of the right techniques, of the several available right now. 

Why do I Need to Remove a Stump?

  • It spoils a beautiful landscape. If you have a well-groomed garden, an old stump is definitely eye-soring, especially when weeds have started growing on them and all around. 
  • Simply put, it takes up space. The stump will always get in the way.
  • It is dangerous to have a stump camouflaged by weeds, grass, and plants. Someone might trip and injure themselves.

How can you get rid of that old stump? By hiring a tree Stump Grinder that will save you from having to use chemicals, digging and burning inorder to remove the stump. 

What to Know Before Using a Stump Grinder

  • There are many different kinds of stumps and each has a different use, which is why you have to ensure you read the instructions of the model you have hired or purchased for specific directions. 
  • That aside, always take safety precautions to avoid critical injuries. Wear gloves, long trousers, goggles, and, of course, sturdy work boots.  
  • Never go near the blades or the base, when the stump grinder is on.
  • Always make sure the area where you are going to use the stump grinder is clear of any obstructions, as well as anything that could fly up from under the grinder’s blades, such as sticks and rocks.
  • It is best you use a chainsaw first and cut the stump as low as you feel comfortable and safe (NOT cut the stump level with the ground). This will help your grinder work more effortlessly and your task to remove things easier. 

Using the Stump Grinder

As previously mentioned, follow your stump grinder’s instructions, in order to raise the wheel of the grinder just slightly above the stump’s top and start cutting the stump. 

To cut all the way through the stump, you have to take it one step at a time. First move the cutter from side to side and then place the grind and wheel through the next section you want cut. This is a process you will need to repeat a few times. 

Once you are done with that task, remove the stump grinder away and turn it off, to inspect the area where the stump used to be and make sure you have indeed cut all the stump and that you have gone at least 10cm below the surface of the ground. Then, you can use a shovel and a rake and remove all the chips of wood, and use them as compost in your garden. 

What to do After the Stump is Removed

You can fill that hole with soil or sod (if you have a lawn) and plant some grass seeds. Otherwise, just add some good soil and plant the vegetables and flowers of your likes. Both ways will blend in with the rest of your garden and you will, finally, have nothing blocking your way when mowing your lawn or installing new features.

Safety Precautions: The basics

  • Besides reading the manual of your model well, before you start using it, you also need to:
  • Use the stump grinder in daylight only or other conditions with sufficient light. 
  • Always keep a safe distance from any irregularities in the grounds, such as holes.
  • Always make sure you are completely focused on the job you have to deliver without any distractions whatsoever.
  • Have someone around (not close to the machine though), just in case of an emergency.
  •  Ensure all safety decals are in place and that no long hair, jewellery, etc. can be caught in the machine’s moving parts.

How to hire?

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