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How to sand a floor

Date posted: 19 September 2012

Wooden floors are a an excellent way to add some character to a room while also making it look more authentic and classic, but before you rush out to buy new wooden flooring you might want to consider if you can sand down the dirt and paint to restore the wooden flooring that is already in place at your home. The easiest way to do this is to investigate floor sander hire because you will need this tool before you can begin the job.

Once you have a floor sander hire secured you are going to need to get the room ready for the task.  This requires you to move all fragile items into another room and to temporarily remove all furniture from the room, or at least half the room, so that you have an open space to work with.  You also will want to remember to take the curtains down otherwise you are going to end up ruining your curtains because of the dust and dirt that the sanding process kicks up.  To protect cupboards or doors that in a room you will also want to tape plastic sheets over all exposed surfaces. You are also going to want to take precautions to protect your own health, which includes wearing a breathing mask and clothing that will protect your body. Make sure to pick out old clothes because after you are done completely sanding the room chances are the clothes that you wear for the task are going to be completely ruined. In addition, if there are small children in the home you will want to keep them away from the work area in a properly ventilated section of the home.

The next task that you will have to do also involves preparation, and checking the floors carefully to make sure you remove all hazards from the floor before using the floor sander hire equipment on them.  Something as simple as a nail or a loose object is all it takes to ruin the floor sander hire unit and then you will be forced to pay for repairs or replacement of it. 

Therefore, it is worth double checking your floors before you begin to make sure that everything is clear.  Nails that will not come out can be knocked down with a hammer so that they are below the surface of the wood so that the sand paper or machine is not affected.

Finally, you will be ready to start work so long as you have taken some time to read over the manual or safety instructions that come with the floor sander hire equipment. Choose the right sanding sheet and place it on the floor sander making sure that it is tight so that it does not slip while you are using it. 

Place the floor sander against the wall and slowly start to work down the floor. You will want to sand in the same direction of the grain and start from one side of the room slowly making progress in straight lines until you reach the other wall.

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