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How To Fell a Tree

Date posted: 29 May 2012

If you have a tree that needs felling, then you will need to hire a chainsaw that is fit for the job.

You first need to identify which way the tree is going to fall and safely clear the area.

The wrong way to cut down a tree is to cut straight through the base of it in a straight line. If you use your chainsaw to cut a tree in this way, then it will be difficult to predict where the tree would fall which is dangerous.

First, you will need to bring down the tree. To do this, cut out a chunk of the stump of the tree on opposite side to where you want it to fall. You do this with your chainsaw, starting your first incision at the base of the tree, aiming downwards towards the ground at a 70-degree angle. Once you have made the first incision, you can then make a second incision to remove a chunk of wood from the base. The piece of wood that you chainsaw out of the tree should be shaped a bit like a large doorstop.  You will need to chainsaw approximately one third into the depth of tree for the cut to be sufficient.

You should be wearing long sleeves, gloves and an eye shield as well as earmuffs to block out the loud noise of the chainsaw engine. To prevent the tree from falling the wrong way you can place a hinge of wood into the gap that you have made so that when you chainsaw the other side, you can use the hinge to push the tree over. However, be prepared, as the tree can still fall in either direction.

The next step is to chainsaw through the opposite side. As the chainsaw gets closer to the wedge you have already cut out, the tree should start to make a crackling noise and eventually break, so that it falls towards the ground on the side of the wedge.

To limb the tree, you will need to use a smaller chainsaw (depending on the size and thickness of the branches) to remove the branches carefully and any other growths from the tree to prepare it for bucking.

To buck the tree into logs, you will need to split the truck into many smaller sizes with your chainsaw. At this stage, do not apply pressure onto the chainsaw to make it go faster. Instead, use a rocking motion with your hands so that you can allow the chainsaws natural weight rock through the trunk of the tree. Try to avoid hitting the ground as this can make the chainsaw kickback which can be very forceful and knock the chainsaw out of your hands. It is a wise idea to place logs under the smaller segments to give the branches height while you chainsaw so that you can avoid the ground.

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