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How to change lawn aerator tines on the Camon LA20

Date posted: 3 March 2016

Pre Saftey

  1. Make sure the machine is off
  2. Use the Tine lifting lever to raise the tIne lifting board which situated at the rear of the machine.

With a 17mm Spanner start by loosening the 4 tines.

loosening tines

Once loose, you should be able to remove them completely with your fingers.

remove tines

replace tines

Replace the tines, making sure to fit the washer and spring washer so the tine can be tightened sufficently into the tine rod using the spanner.

tighten tines

Please note

  1. You must always use the same type of tines when setting up and operating the Aerator. In other words, do not fit a mixture hollow corers and solid tines.
  2. All 4 tines must be fitted and used at all times for the aerator to function.

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