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Hire wood chipper

Hire wood chipper

Date posted: 10 November 2011

One of the key aspects of garden maintenance either as part of seasonal trimming work or as a result clearing up after a storm is the upkeep of  trees and shrubs and one of the most cost effective and time saving methods of doing this, is to hire a wood chipper.

Given the challenge faced when trying to dispose of branches either by renting a skip of getting a company  to remove them away , you can hire a wood chipper to make light work of the task in hand and grind the branches  in to manageable useful sizes, thus allowing multiple uses such as use on log fire or to sprinkle on flower beds which helps to prevent weed growth and helps the shrubs to retain moisture. Also From a visual point, wood chippings can also lend to achieving a neat landscaped garden.

Another advantage of using a wood shredder is that  Its not always possible to burn the branches in the garden mainly due to either the size of area you’re working in (from a safety point of view) or the pollution caused, so using a light or heavy duty garden shredder can be the perfect cost effective solution.

When confined to space, its possible hire electric shredders which are also able to cope with all types of garden waste from branches and brambles to leaves and hedge cuttings.

The versatility  of these garden shredders and their ability to be broken down by the removal of the in feed chute, allows them to be easily transported and placed in the boot of a car and the collecting bag comes as standard, thus assisting with keeping the shredding area clean,

When renting a garden shredder / wood chipper, you need to be aware of some key safety tips including :

  1. Always turn off the wood chipper first before trying to free any branches that may be stuck in the wood chipper. Never put you hands etc in the wood chipper when its on.
  2. You should always allow at least 15 minutes for the wood chipper to warm up in cold weather before use.
  3. Wear clothes that fit correctly and never wear any ill fitting loose clothes as these can become stuck in the wood chipper if you get to close.
  4. When refuelling a petrol wood chipper, always turn the machine off before so.
  5. Always use a pusher tool when helping small pieces of branches to move down the chute.
  6. Always start with the wider end of the branch when putting branches into the chipper.
  7. Wear Safety goggles

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