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Basic guide to lawn scarifiers

Date posted: 24 January 2012

For those of you who aspire to have the perfect lawn, why don’t you hire a Lawn Scarifier to help you achieve these results? 
As part of the essential gardening tools for your lawn maintenance regime, lawn scarification is necessary to help prevent the build-up of weeds, dead plants and surface debris which hinders strong, healthy grass to grow.

Not only is it a cost-effective to rent a lawn scarifier these days, but it can also save you hours work especially if dealing with a large lawn area. 
Whilst some will prefer to scarifier their lawn manually using a rake, it’s incredibly time-consuming in comparison to using a scarifier. 

However, before you begin, you need to undertake a few simple tasks starting with mowing the grass, so it’s nice and short before you aerate your lawn.  

Although this can either be done by hand with a fork to dig hundreds of holes in your lawn, it’s a very long-winded approach and not as effective as if you hire a lawn aerator to help do the job for you.  
Depending on whether you have opted for hollow or solid tines, this which will put perfect holes in the lawn, thus improving the drainage and soil texture by allowing more oxygen to get to soil and the grass routes.  Another advantage of using a lawn aerator is that you can aerate a large garden in a relatively short space of time. Once you have aerated your lawn, the crucial next step is to Scarifier the lawn. 

What is a Scarifier?

Scarification is also known as de-thatching is when you remove all the dead grass, moss and weeds from the surface of the lawn either by using a rake or a petrol lawn scarifier. This build-up of surface debris prevents the grass from receiving all the nutrients it needs such as enough water, oxygen etc to encourage growth. Lawn scarifiers have blades that cut downwards (as opposed to mowers whose blades cut across) therefore cutting the thatch and also prune plants.

When should you Scarifier your lawn?

You should Scarifier your lawn at least a couple of times a year predominantly in the Spring and again in the Autumn.  However, If the thatch is building up often, then you could consider doing some light scarifying to prevent too much build-up of weeds and moss.  Hiring a scarifier is an easy, convenient solution to assist you with removing thatch, moss, weeds without damaging the grass

How to hire?

At Best at hire, we have a wide range of lawn scarifiers for hire. With UK wide Collection and Delivery available from over 70 Nationwide depots you can be sure to find your lawn scarifier rental to suit your needs.

To hire please Call 0344 288 8088 or hire online today.

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