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Types of  floor sanding machines available

Types of Floor Sanding Machines

Date posted: 4 November 2011

Types of  Floor Sanding Machines for Hire

There is nothing that adds the natural look of beauty to a home than beautifully sanded floors which other floor types can struggle to achieve. The painstaking tasks of floor sanding is now made a lot easier with the abundance of floor sanders available for hire which not only helps the DIY enthusiasts achieve these goals themselves but the cost of hiring a floor sander far out ways the costs of getting a company to sand the floors for you.  The main types of Floor sanders available include drum, square and orbital floor sanders as well as edging sanders.

Drum Floor Sanders

These are the most commonly used floor sanders and are designed to use replaceable sandpaper which is wrapped around the drum and rotates in a fast manner hence sanding the floor. These are popular because they allow the user to sand an area quickly with a minimum of fuss. The different grades of sandpaper available to use with a drum floor sander will enable you to dictate the strength of sanding motion while still being able to achieve an excellent base finish. The Drum Sander is ideal for sanding larger spaces like lounges, bedrooms and large kitchens.

One thing to note though is given the strength of the drum floor sanders, care needs to be had to move them quickly or you could end up with an uneven floor or gouges out the wood if pressure is applied unevenly. Also, you need to sand the floor along the grain, not across it or you would end up with scratches on the wood.

Orbital Floor Sanders

The Orbital Floor sander if a handheld device that will rotate the floor sander in small circular motions to sand the floor. These small floor sanders are ideal for the smaller trickier place to sand such as entrance halls or narrow hallways. The advantage of hiring an orbital floor sander is that it doesn’t leave any scratches on the wood and no part of the sandpaper goes over the same area twice. These are ideal for the more confined areas and are popular for refinishing floors.

Square Floor Sanders

The Square Floor Sander is one of the more recent floor sanders available and uses a square-shaped pad as opposed to a drum. This helps to achieve a scratchless finish and are ideal for reaching the difficult areas of a room such as the edges of walls etc where they can sand to within an inch of a wall. The only drawback of using a square floor sander is the time it takes to do the job. 

Floor Edging Sanders

The Floor edging sander is normally used along with the Drum sander as they can reach the difficult areas that a drum sander cannot reach. Their shape and size make them ideal for sanding areas close to walls and corners. You can either hire a floor edging sander individually or as part of combination package with the drum sander.

Floor Sanding Tips

  • Clear the room before doing any floor sanding and make sure you hammer down all nails first or they will rip the sandpaper when you sand.
  • Always remove the sanded shavings before re-sanding an area again.
  • Drum Sanders- Never apply to much pressure, let the floor sander do the work and simply sand in straight lines. Never go across the grain of the wood grain will scratch.
  • Handheld Sanders- Apply even pressure and move the sander in small circular motions.
  • Always wear a Safety mask when sanding and ear protectors.
  • You are trying to achieve a nice even finish so they best rule of thumb to take your time and don’t rush.

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