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Heating advice

Date posted: 29 January 2015

It's vital to choose the right type of heater to suit your needs – in order to ensure the solution is safe, effective and cost-efficient.

This straightforward heating guide is aimed at individuals who are considering hiring a heater to cater for a specific situation – whether it's to dry out your home after an accidental flood; to heat a marquee for a one-off event in your back garden, such as a wedding or a birthday gathering; or to heat a small indoor space such as a shop or a home-based office.

Heaters suitable for marquees

Marquees are usually heated using what are known as indirect heaters, because this particular type is safe to use near large gatherings of people, and the heat it produces is clean, dry and fume-free.

Indirect heaters also tend to be quiet, which is important at many noise-sensitive events, and they do not have to be visible to guests because they can be placed outside of the marquee, with ducting pipes used to transport the warm air inside.

While indirect heaters are often prohibitively expensive for an individual to buy, they are readily available for hire at competitive prices – and once they are in place they are both reliable and very economical.

Heaters suitable for flood damage

Indirect heaters can also be used to limit the damage caused by a flood. Because they generate dry air without increasing the relative humidity, these heaters will help to speed up the drying process and potentially reduce the amount of long-term damage caused by the flood. They can even be used when ventilation is limited, or when there is a potential risk to combustible materials, because the flame is kept entirely separate from the air flow.

Heaters suitable for small shops or home / cabin offices

One of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions you could choose to heat a small shops would be a radiant heater, which produces advanced infra-red heat.

This type of heater is usually compact, portable and highly efficient, while at the same time it is relatively cheap to run – making it ideal for small business owners who work indoors.

Since these heaters do not generate any fumes or odours, they will only enhance the comfort of everyone using the shop or office space, and they are safe and well-suited to settings frequented by members of the public. Because of their compact size and light weight, they are also easy to position wherever you need them – and to move them around as necessary.

Instead of heating the actual air itself, radiant heaters work by warming up objects, people and surfaces such as the floor – delivering intense heat output for up to six metres.

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