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Getting rid of damp with dehumidifier hire

Date posted: 28 September 2012

Dampness is the bane of many a householder, and the smell is usually the first sign that you are suffering from dampness in your home. Damp manifests its self almost anywhere, but there are a lot more causes than people may think. Dampness does not automatically mean a leak, although this is one cause it could be due to condensation in a room with inadequate ventilation, or rising damp coming upwards from a faulty damp proof course, but whatever the cause dehumidifier hire may be the solution.

Damp can strike in many places

Dampness does not differentiate between homes or class, it will appear anywhere that water is getting in, or cannot escape from. Lifestyle can be a major factor, as many of us now have bath and showers, or cook, without opening a window, preferring to let the small vent at the top of some double glazing units do the job. The fact is they are at times simply not up to providing enough ventilation, and condensation takes hold with a vengeance.

A quick and effective way of getting rid of damp is to look for a company that offers dehumidifier hire. These are one of the most underrated gadgets on the market as the work they do in relieving homes of dampness is often nothing short of miraculous. If you hire one of these and put it in a communal area overnight you will be staggered by the amount of water it has collected by morning.

Dehumidifiers can work a treat

By far, dehumidifier hire is the cheapest option for removing excess moisture from inside your home. While your first instinct may be to rush out and buy one, stop for a moment. Once you have experienced dampness the chances are you will be taking preventative steps to ensure that it doesn't return, such as opening windows etc, so you could spend hundreds of pounds on a machine you will use maybe once or twice.

When you look around for dehumidifier hire you will be amazed at the vast array of dehumidifiers available on the market today, and they all do the same job. If you want to invest in one there are small ones that are perfect for cupboards or for sitting on a window sill, these can only deal with small amounts of moisture obviously, but are good for the job they are designed for.

A dehumidifier to suit your needs

The larger units are what you need for large rooms or whole floors of your home, and by leaving one running in a central location they will remove all the excess moisture that is causing the problems. If you decide to go with a dehumidifier hire company then check both the power and the capacity as the larger the unit the more expensive the hire cost and you want to be sure you get one large enough to do the job but not pay over the top for one that is intended for a much larger area, such as a warehouse.

While a dehumidifier is undoubtedly a great piece of machinery, it should not be the only measure you take to remedy a damp or condensation problem. As mentioned previously, opening a window in the bathroom or kitchen will minimise condensation, but you need to keep on top of dampness if it keeps returning to the same area. Get the damp proof course checked by an expert and take the following measures yourself.

Take control sooner rather than later

As dampness in dark corners or behind furniture can develop into mould, keep on top of it by wiping the area down regularly to prevent the bloom becoming a major problem. A good quality mould spray will also help greatly. As dampness is something that can have an adverse effect on both belongings and health, take these measures alongside the dehumidifier hire to maximise the result and eradicate the dampness effectively.

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