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Cable cutting

Cable Cutters for Hire 

Cable cutting tools come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but all of them used to cut electrical wire and cabling – although there are different types of cable cutters designed for specific types of cabling. 

Our cable cutting equipment is used in a whole host of different industries, including telecoms and networking, for cutting thick wiring and cabling to length – and for pulling cables through tight spots such as walls or conduit. 

Tips for clean, easy cuts using hydraulic cutters or other cutting tools

It is straightforward to use hydraulic cable cutters and similar tools: in most cases you simply need to place the cable into the cutting area of the cable cutting machine, then squeeze its handles together – but not all cable cutting equipment works in exactly the same way. 

As a general rule, however, it is not advisable to twist the cutter from side to side an attempt to achieve more torque or "power" in your cut. You may end up bending and dulling the cutter's blade, or at the very least ending up with rough, ragged cable cuts rather than something decent and usable. If you find cutting demands too much effort or twisting, the likelihood is that the cable cutter is not strong enough for the type of cable you are cutting (or, if you are using your own equipment that is not well-maintained, it could be that the blades are dull). You can avoid this problem by hiring from us a well-maintained cable cutter with sharp blades that is intended for the type of cables you are cutting. 

It is important to make sure you choose the right type of cable cutter for the task you are undertaking. This will make it much easier to achieve a good, usable cut.

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Klauke Battery Cable Cutter up to 48mm diameter
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Klauke SWA Battery Cable cutter up to 85mm diameter
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Klauke Ultra+ Battery Cable crimper 16-400mm2
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