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petrol stump grinderstump grinder being used on a tree stump

Petrol Stump Grinder

Product code: 140265
petrol stump grinder
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Product details

Tree Stump Grinder for Hire

The Stump Grinder allows you to grind objects up to 300mm (12") below the ground

Our heavy duty petrol-driven tree stump grinder / chipper gets rid of unwanted tree stumps from the ground after tree felling – eliminating the need to dig, use chemicals, or burn the stump.

Utilising tough blades that rotate at high speeds to efficiently remove the tree stumps safely to one inch below the ground surface, this powerful and professional machine is also fitted with chip deflectors and a safety handle to help prevent injury during use. 

By using this machine you will avoid the back-breaking task of digging below the tree stump in a bid to drag it all out – or using potentially dangerous chemicals or burning techniques to achieve the same results. It produces fine chips of wood from the stump, which can be gathered up and collected to use as ground cover, or sucked up using a garden vacuum/blower machine. 

Supplied complete with a full tank of Petrol.

Optional Extras

Optional extras are available to add to your basket at checkout or over the phone. These include -

  • Personal protection packs which include, safety goggles, safety gloves, a moulded cup mask and a pair of ear plugs.
  • Super grip gloves
  • Ear defenders
  • Fuel can

Using the Tree Stump Grinder

First off, you will need to tackle the tree's roots by grinding across using a sweeping motion, angling the machine so that it grinds one inch down from the top of the roots. Next, sweep it back across – one inch lower than you did on the first pass. Once you have cleared the roots, work on the trunk in exactly the same way: sweeping across it, grinding about 1.5 inches down on each pass. 

Important Safety Tips:

  • Never work on wet grass, poor traction may cause you to slip.
  • Do not use the machine on grades of more than10°.

Safety Kits

Always wear the necessary safety gear when you are using the equipment. We stock safety helmets, goggles, ear defenders, drop down visors, heavy duty anti slip gloves and hi-vis waistcoats. These can be added to your basket at checkout or over the phone.

Technical Specification:

  • Based On: Husqvarna SG13 Stump Grinder
  • Power: 13hp
  • Idling Speed: 1250-1550rpm
  • Fuel Tank Volume: 6.5l
  • Cut Depth: 25.4cm
  • Length: 157- 185cm depending on handle position
  • Height: 61 - 109cm depending on handle position
  • Weight: 112.9kg
  • Daily Exposure Hand/Arm - A(8): 2.81m/s²
  • Equivalent Vibration Hand/Arm - ahv,eq: 3.97m/s²
  • Standard Deviation Hand/Arm - ahv,eq: 0.4m/s²

Use Safety Glasses Use Safety Gloves


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  • + Day - This is the rate for an Additional Day of hire.
  • Weekend - The weekend rate covers Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm.
  • Weekly - The maximum rate for each 7 day period.
  • Items are available for longer term hire. Please enquire.



Q - What is a stump grinder?

  • A stump grinder is a tree stump removal machine. It uses a rotating cutting disk which chips and grinds away at the wood thus removing the tree stump and tree roots leaving small woodchips and mulch.They come in varying sizes, usually similar size to that of a lawnmower, although you can get ones as big a truck. Stump grinders are generally diesel or petrol powered and is considered as one of the most effective and quickest methods of removing a tree stump leaving the area ready to be used for any replanting, building or anything else and the woodchips and mulch can be easily disposed of too. See our video for our tree stump grinder in action.

Q - Will the tree re-grow once the stump has been ground out?

  • Usually, any tree stump that the stump grinder has completely ground out will not re-grow as although there are one or two exceptions. If the tree stump, for example, is a willow tree then you may get the occasional shoot from one of the roots, but these can be easily dealt with.

Q - What can I do with the wood chippings and mulch which is left behind after using a stump grinder?

  • The wood chippings and mulch is an organic matter so easily be can be used for compost or border chippings.

Q - Do I need to poison the tree stump?

  • No, you don't as the tree stump core is grounded out, which will prevent any further growth.

Q - Why should I remove the tree stump?

  • As well as using up space in the garden, tree stumps should be removed to prevent suckering and also to prevent any root diseases such as honey fungus.

Q - What is left behind after the tree stump has been ground out?

  • Wood chipping and sawdust.

Q - What happens to the old tree roots left behind?

  • Any old tree roots that remain underground will rot in time.

Q - How deep will the stump grinder grind?

  • You can grind tree stumps and roots up to 300mm (12" inches) below the ground level.

Q - Will the stump grinder fit through a standard garden gate?

  • Yes, it will, it's only 27" inches wide.

Q - What fuel does the grinder run off?

  • Standard unleaded petrol.  Our tree stump grinder comes with a full tank of fuel.

Q - Will you deliver to my home address, allotment or place of work?

  • Yes, we will. We only charge a small fixed fee of £7.50 + Vat each way for delivery and collection, no matter where you are. This is far cheaper than many competitors, and we can even offer next day delivery.  You can book your stump grinder hire directly online including delivery or give us a call, and we would be happy to assist you with your needs.

Q - Is it easy to transport?

  • Yes, although you would need a flatbed truck. Even though the stump grinder has an adjustable handle and four lifting handles, it is very heavy weighing at 112.9kg. For ease and simplicity, why not go for our cheap next day delivery and collection service. All this can be booked either directly here online or by calling our team.

Q - Do you supply safety equipment?

  • Yes. Always wear the necessary safety gear when you are using a stump grinder. We stock safety helmets, goggles, ear defenders, a protective visor, heavy duty anti slip gloves and hi-vis waistcoats. These can be added to your basket at checkout or over the phone.



Petrol Stump GrinderPetrol Stump Grinder


Ratings and Reviews

Easily removed stump   5 / 5  
Hired this stump grinder for removing a garden tree stump and surrounding roots. It's a very robust machine that's both easy to operate and to manoeuvre around the stump.It's very powerful and cut through it with little bother.
Mark Salway
Good performance   5 / 5  
Very good performance ! A really good commercial machine available for the home market.
Peter Anderson

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