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Petrol Lawn Scarifier

Product code: 140180
Petrol lawn scarifier
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Product details

Petrol Scarifier for Hire

This petrol-powered lawn scarifier offers a fast and efficient solution for gardeners who need to remove matted thatch, weeds and moss from a lawn - helping to create a thicker, healthier lawn without damaging the existing grass. Scarifying allows air, water and nutrients to reach the roots helping to aid its growth and appearance.

This petrol model – incorporating independently sprung hardened swinging blades to turn over the grass, gently teasing out thatch and pruning down the lawn – is easily capable of working over large areas.

With a handy and practical design, this professional lawn scarifier also includes a floating front axle that follows the contours of the terrain; a lockable fine height adjuster and folding handlebars for easy transportation in the back of a van; and an independent blade drive through a reliable centrifugal clutch to make it straightforward to use.

Supplied with

  • A Full Tank of Petrol

 Extras available

The following extras are available at checkout or over the phone.

  • Heavy Duty Fuel Can (5ltr)
  • Personal Protection Pack - includes Goggles, Gloves, Cup Mask and Ear Plugs.
  • Garden Spade, Garden Fork

Technical Specification

  • Based on - Camon LS42 Lawn Scarifier
  • Engine - Honda GX160, 4 stroke overhead valve, single cylinder
  • Engine output - 4kw
  • Fuel tank capacity - 3.6 litres
  • Rated engine speed - 3600 rpm
  • Working width - 42cm
  • Height adjustment - from 0mm above the ground to 20mm
  • Noise level - 86db
  • Dimensions - 80 x 64 x 60cm
  • Weight - 47kg

Useful Tips

  • Use in the Autumn and Spring months when the ground is not too soft and when the weather will not be too dry.
  • Do not operate the scarifier on wet lawns or in rainy weather.
  • Before scarifying can be carried out the grass must be cut short and be cleared of any objects such as stones or sticks that would damage the Scarifier or be picked up and thrown by the rotating blades.

Safety Kits

Always wear the necessary safety gear when you are using the equipment. We stock safety helmets, goggles, ear defenders, drop down visors, heavy duty anti slip gloves and hi-vis waistcoats. These can be added to your basket at checkout or over the phone.

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Hire periods explained

  • Same day return - The item must be returned before we close at 17.00 hours on the same business day.
  • + Day - This is the rate for an Additional Day of hire.
  • Weekend - The weekend rate covers Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm.
  • Weekly - The maximum rate for each 7 day period.
  • Items are available for longer term hire. Please enquire.



Q - Why should you scarify?

  • To help improve the health of your lawn you should scarify it to remove both moss and thatch. To much thatch can cause not only extensive root damage to your grass but also inhibits oxygen and nutrients from reaching the healthy grass underneath. By dethatching, you will help the healthy grass to grow.

Q - Can you adjust the depth of the scarifying blades?

  • Yes, you can adjust the height of the machines to suit the amount of thatch removal you require. This is done with an easy to use adjuster linked to the front axle. Turn clockwise to raise the height and anti-clockwise to reduce the height of the scarifier.

Q - Does the scarifier run on regular unleaded fuel?

  • Yes

Q - When should you use the scarifier?

  • Usually, Spring and Autumn months when the ground is not too soft and not to dry.

Q - Do I need to prepare the lawn before I use the scarifier?

Yes you need short dry grass before you scarifier, and all objects which could harm the equipment or that could be picked up and thrown by the scarifiers rotating blades should be removed from the lawn e.g. stones, sticks etc

Q - What is the steepest gradient the scarifier can be used on?

  • Do not use the scarifier on lawns that are steeper than 20 Degrees and always ensure you work across the slope as opposed to up and down it.

Q - Will the scarifier fit through a garden gate?

  • Yes, with an overall width of 24 inches, the scarifier will fit through standard garden gateways.



Petrol Lawn ScarifierPetrol Lawn ScarifierPetrol Lawn ScarifierPetrol Lawn ScarifierPetrol Lawn Scarifier


Ratings and Reviews

Impressive   5 / 5  
Having used a manual lawn raker in the past, this scarifier saved an awful lot of work. Worked a treat and left the lawn in good order.
Richard Malcolm
Good scarifier   5 / 5  
Scarified a large lawn with little effort removing loads of moss and other debris
Tony Dufty
Great   5 / 5  
Used on a large garden, it was easy to operate and it got rid of a lot of thatch
Janet Moss

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