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Petrol Cultivator - Medium Duty

Product code: 140010
landscaper cultivating a garden  with a hired rotavator
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Product details

Petrol Cultivator for Hire

Guaranteed in Stock!

  • Medium Duty
  • Ideal for allotments and gardens
  • Reduces the time and effort required
  • Anti vibration and adjustable handlebars
  • Perfect for landscape contractors, allotment holders / associations and smallholders who are working ground for the first time

Capable of performing in even the toughest of conditions, this medium duty petrol cultivator is a robust and durable machine that dramatically reduces the time and effort required in preparing the ground in gardens and allotments for new crops, plants or vegetables. Durable blades break up and turn the soil as you walk along, creating a higher quality soil area for planting.

It offers a superb finish on previously uncultivated ground over small to medium-sized areas, and is very easy to use.

Built with improved reliability, these practical machines come complete with adjustable handlebars, strong wheels, forward and reverse speeds, and anti-vibration.

Thanks to the reduced hand-arm vibration feature, you can use this machine for longer periods without your arms becoming tired. Long-term this can help to reduce the risk of developing HAVS-related injuries.

The working width is approximately 52cm / 20".

Supplied With:

  • Full Tank of Unleaded Petrol (Not included in price)

Extras Available at Checkout:

  • Heavy Duty Fuel Can (5ltr)
  • Personal Protection Pack - includes Goggles, Gloves, Cup Mask and Ear Plugs.
  • Garden Spade, Garden Fork, Contractors Wheelbarrow

Rotavating Tips:

  • Always wear suitable clothing giving adequate personal protection including footwear that offers a good grip.  We stock personal protection kits which can be purchased at the same time of the hire.
  • Make sure all debris and long grass/foliage etc. is cleared from the area to be rotavated and do not attempt to cultivate the land if it's either waterlogged or the ground is frozen as this will destroy the soil structure.
  • Avoid applying excessive downward pressure on the handlebars as this could cause the rotavator to jump. It's better to apply gentle pressure and let the machine find its digging depth as this will vary according to the type of ground you are cultivating. If you are working on the hard ground then making several passes with the depth adjuster centre knife positioned on the top hole will help you get to your desired depth for rotavating.
  • For softer or sandy soil a higher working speed is best whereas a lower working speed in the hard ground will give better performance.
  • If you are using this rotavator in dry conditions please make sure that the area being cultivated has been adequately irrigated before use.

Technical Specification:

  • Based on - Camon C8 Rotavator
  • Engine - Honda GX270 Petrol
  • Sound Level - 85 A-Weighted decibels
  • New Power Output - 6.3 kilowatts
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 5.3 litres
  • Fuel Consumption - 2.4 litres per hour
  • Starter - Recoil
  • Working Width - 52 cm (20 inches)
  • Digging Depth - 23 cm (9 inches)
  • Number of Tines - 16
  • Gears - 1 forward and 1 reverse
  • Weight - 111 kg
  • Dimensions - L 170 x W 64 x H 120cm

This product is also know as a cultivator, rotavator, rotovator, garden cultivator

Use Safety Boots Vibration rating (2.8m/s and greater) Transport By Van



All prices are in GBP and exclude VAT and Damage Waiver

Hire periods explained

  • Same day return - The item must be returned before we close at 17.00 hours on the same business day.
  • + Day - This is the rate for an Additional Day of hire.
  • Weekend - The weekend rate covers Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm.
  • Weekly - The maximum rate for each 7 day period.
  • Items are available for longer term hire. Please enquire.



Q - Is the rotavator self-propelled or do I have to push it?

  • Yes, it is self-propelled. It uses two different drives and has a single forward and reverse gear. One drive controls the wheels for moving the machine, and the other drive controls the digging tine for rotavating.

Q - What fuel does the rotavator use?

  • The rotavator will run off regular unleaded petrol.

Q - How deep will the rotavator tines dig?

  • The digging depth of the cultivator is 8 inches (20cm)

Q - What is the digging width of the machine?

  • The Camon C8 will rotavate 20 inches (52cm) width of soil at a time.

Q - What is the steepest gradient I can use the Camon C8 on?

  • Do you not use on a slope higher than 20 degrees and if you are working on a hill, then always make sure to work across it while pointing the machine slightly upwards.

Q - How loud is the machine?

  • The Camon C8 is 85 dba which

Q - What is the dimensions and weight of the machine?

  • The dimensions are (L x W x H): 170cm x 64cm x 120cm and it weighs 111kg.

Q - Will it fit into the boot of the car?

  • No, it won't fit into the boot of a car.  We offer a next day delivery and collection service throughout the whole of the UK for a fixed price £7.50 plus vat (each way). However, if you wish to pick the machine up from the branch, then a small transit would be needed.



Petrol Cultivator - Medium DutyPetrol Cultivator - Medium DutyPetrol Cultivator - Medium DutyPetrol Cultivator - Medium DutyPetrol Cultivator - Medium DutyPetrol Cultivator - Medium DutyPetrol Cultivator - Medium DutyPetrol Cultivator - Medium Duty


Ratings and Reviews

Luke Robinson   5 / 5  
Powerful and easy to use.Tackled a large portion of our allotment and it broke up the hard soil without fuss.
Luke Robinson

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