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Fence Post Puller - Hydraulic

Product code: 140083
Fence post puller
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Product details

Fence Post Puller for Hire

  Remove unwanted fence posts from the ground or concrete in less than two minutes

Our hydraulic fence post puller helps you to remove unwanted fence posts quickly and with minimum effort. It works on posts of all shapes and sizes, and will remove them from the ground or concrete in less than two minutes – while its strong wheels make it easy to move on to work on the next post.

This machine really comes into its own when you are removing mutliple fence posts, or working with fence posts that are set in heavy concrete. It removes the post along with its concrete footing, eliminating the need for you to spend time and energy manually breaking or digging up the concrete.

To use the machine, all you need to do is attach it to the fence post then repeatedly push down the hydraulic lever, applying up to 4,000 kg of force to lift the fence post up and out of the ground.

Key Features

  • 4 tonnes of pull
  • Works on posts fixed in earth or concrete
  • Mounted on wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Fits through doorways and gateways
  • Secure clamping system
  • Claw attachment available for removing broken or rotten posts

User Guidance

  • First, set the adjustable handle at the top of the machine spine to the appropriate height, and fit the locking pin.
  • Wheel the machine into position so that it is central to the post, with the post rest close to the post while the arm is fully lowered. Make sure the Post Puller is stable and level, and do not operate it until both front feet are resting firmly on the ground.
  • Take the bottom chain and wrap it anticlockwise twice around the post as tightly as possibly, securing it through the slot in the post rest.
  • Pull the top chain around the post as tightly as possible then secure it through the top slot in the post rest.
  • Locate the pressure release knob on the pump, then turn it clockwise until it is tight. Next, use the hand pump and continue until the post is removed. If at any point you find that the post stops moving, stop and check that the post footing is not fowling under the legs of the Post Puller. If it is, slowly turn the release screw anticlockwise to release pulling pressure, remove the chain, then reposition the machine before you start the process over again. You may not always need to pump the ram all the way to the top, because once the ground seal is broken the post and footing can often be removed very easily.
  • Check that the post is resting firmly on the post rest before pulling the handles towards you, making sure you stay clear of the post. Tilt the machine until it is resting on its wheels and the post is clear of its hole. Turn the machine until the post and footing are clear of the hole, then slowly lower the machine so that it rests on its base on the ground.
  • On level ground, slowly turn the pressure release knob anticlockwise to release the hydraulic pressure. Once the chain is slack, support the post then remove the chains from the slots and unwrap them from around the post. If you are dealing with larger fence posts you may need help from a second person to hold the post.
  • The post can now be safely removed. Lower the machine's arms until they are in the fully down position by pushing down on the hood.

Full user instructions will be provided on hiring this item.

Please Note

Before removing long fence posts, for safety purposes it is important to cut them off just above the post rest. This device is designed only to remove posts, and should not be used for any other purpose such as lifting or lowering loads.



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  • + Day - This is the rate for an Additional Day of hire.
  • Weekend - The weekend rate covers Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm.
  • Weekly - The maximum rate for each 7 day period.
  • Items are available for longer term hire. Please enquire.




Fence Post Puller - HydraulicFence Post Puller - HydraulicFence Post Puller - HydraulicFence Post Puller - HydraulicFence Post Puller - HydraulicFence Post Puller - Hydraulic


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