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Patio Heater Hire

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For patio heater hire , visit Best at hire, your local tool hire centre.

These smart Calor Gas patio heaters will keep everyone warm, whatever the British weather throws at your event – and they will also look great whether you're holding a mere barbecue, an elegant garden party, or a large wedding/event.

With a heating capacity of 13kW, our patio heaters warm areas of up to 25 square metres and are intended primarily for outdoor use or use in large warehouse spaces. Their robust frame and stable base means they are unlikely to topple over – and, even if they do, the clever anti-tilt system will kick in, cutting off the gas supply for optimum safety.

It is also worth knowing that they work out cheaper to run than conventional electric heaters, which also makes them ideal as a practical and cost-effective warehouse heating solution.

We can provide the Calor Gas to use with them – please ask when you order.

They also come with variable heat control to adjust the heater's temperature and a large heat reflector for excellent heat delivery.

Connecting the Gas to your Patio Heater

It is simple to connect the gas to our patio heaters. Always make sure that the Calor Gas cylinder's valve is clean before you attempt to connect it. The regulator switch should start off in the "off" position (at 3 o’clock). Next, put the heater's clip-on regulator down onto the gas bottle/cylinder valve, pressing it firmly until you hear it ‘click’. This click tells you that the regulator is correctly in position, and means you can now turn on the gas (by turning the gas on/off switch a quarter turn anticlockwise to 'on' at 12 o’clock. Do not forget to turn the switch to the 'off' position again once you have finished using the heater.

Note: should the regulator on/off switch appear to be stuck when you attempt to turn on the gas supply, this means that the regulator has not been connected correctly. You will, therefore, need to disconnect it then reconnect it again, checking that you hear the click before trying to switch it on.

Using Patio Heaters Safely

We have carefully selected our heaters on the basis of their smart appearance, their efficient heating, and their safety features. Remember, however, that whenever you are using gas heaters, it is important to take some basic safety precautions.

  • These heaters are intended for outdoor use. They are also suitable for use in warehouse environments, however – please ask for details.
  • Place the patio heaters in sensible locations, well-protected from any high winds.
  • Take care when handling Calor Gas cylinders to avoid damaging the valves. Always store them in an upright position and keep them away from heat – if you expose a cylinder to heat the pressure inside can build to unsafe levels.


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