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Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Product code: 140142
Long reach hedge trimmer trimming overgrown hedge
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Product details

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer for Hire

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Cut at lengths of up to 3 metres.

Included in Price

  • Helmet / Visor / Ear Defenders
  • Full Tank of 2 Stroke Oil / Petrol Mix
  • 100ml of 2 Stroke Oil Guard


A long reach hedge trimmer is also known as a Pole Hedge Trimmer.

Get tough hedge-cutting jobs finished quickly and easily with this petrol-powered, long-reach hedge trimmer for hire, that has been specifically designed to tackle large, tall hedges from the safety of the ground - without the need to balance precariously on a ladder to reach the top.

The extra long handle can extend out up to 3 metres long, while the easly-adjusted trimmer head means the tool can reach the very top of the hedge as well to help you achieve a professional finish all over. 

This tool is very popular amongst professional gardeners and groundsmen, as it is lightweight enough to be comfortable to use for extended periods of time without getting tired, while at the same time its hard-working blades can cut through large, tough hedges accurately and precisely for a perfectly crisp and precise finish. 

Technical Specification

  • Husqvarna 327HE4x Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Power output - 0.9kW
  • Maximum power speed- 8400 rpm
  • Fuel tank volume - 0.5l
  • Idling speed - 2700rpm
  • Knife length - 55cm
  • Teeth opening - 29mm
  • Knife adjustment range, Up/Down Down - 85 °
  • Knife adjustment range, Up/Down Up - 90 °
  • Maximum twig diameter - 20 mm
  • Cutting speed - 4184 cut per min
  • Weight - 6.6kg


  • Remember that while you are using the long-reach trimmer you should shield your eyes with safety goggles in case any flying debris hits you, and also wear protective gloves, ear defenders and a hard hat. Make sure you never place your hands near the blades whilst the trimmer is switched on.

Use Safety Glasses Use Safety Gloves Vibration rating (2.8m/s and greater) Use Ear Defencers


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  • + Day - This is the rate for an Additional Day of hire.
  • Weekend - The weekend rate covers Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm.
  • Weekly - The maximum rate for each 7 day period.
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Ratings and Reviews

Great Trimmer   5 / 5  
Quality trimmer, This went through hedges like butter. Easy to use , superb reach and loved the articulating head.
Jason Bonn

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