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Garden Rollers

Garden Roller for Hire

  Essential finishing tool for any gardener - achieve a great-looking lawn!

Also known as a lawn roller, this handy piece of equipment is ideal for use after the lawn has been thoroughly mowed, scarified and aerated. It achieves a perfect, smooth finish and helps to encourage new growth. 

The garden roller can also be used to prepare soil for laying fresh seed, or to remove unwanted lumps and bumps in your lawn.

This makes it the essential finishing tool for any gardener who want to achieve a great-looking lawn.

Tips on Using a Lawn Garden Roller

  • Using a garden roller will help create a smoother lawn and helps the lawnmower cut grass easily and evenly.
  • The best time to use the garden roller is after a heavy rainfall as this will soften the ground making it easy to use. Allow the lawn to dry out a little first.
  • Push the roller at a slow, steady speed to allow it to press the ground enough to flatten it.
  • Roller particularly bumpy ground several times until even.
  • Check the lawn and remove any dead grass, leaves, stone and debris first.
  • If you are working on a freshly tilled lawn, make sure that you rake the soil for a smoother ground before rolling over it. Rolling immediately after cultivating will create an uneven surface.
  • If using to plants seeds, firstly use the roller to flatten the ground. Sprinkle the seeds then use the garden roller to push the seeds into the soil. This will help the lawn to germinate and protect the seeds from birds.
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