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Post Hole Borer Hire in Nottingham

Post Hole Digger Hire Nottingham

 6 and 8 inch Fence Post Equipment     Next Day Delivery     In Stock Today

Unbeatable prices on post hole borer hire in Radford, Nottingham visit Best at hire, your local garden tool hire centre.

Planning to install a new fence, or dig a hole for a bird table or other garden equipment? Our range of post hole borers can take a lot of the hard work out of the task.

If you dig the hole manually using a shovel you will need to make it much larger than the post or pole, creating more work for yourself. With a post hole borer, on the other hand – also known as fence post drivers, fence post diggers and post hole augers – you can create a more precise hole of just the right size.

Post hole borers are also known as "Post Hole Diggers", "Shov Holers" and "Post Hole Augers."

Hire Fencing Equipment

From traditional post hole diggers to two-man post hole borers and hydraulic post hole augers, we stock a wide range of fence installation equipment to suit different types of jobs.

Everyday garden fence posts can often be tackled with the traditional Shov Holer, a post hole digger that uses a scissor action to dig relatively small fence post holes, discarding of unwanted gravel, clay and sand in the process. Bear in mind that this tool may not be adequate for very rocky terrain, because stones can prevent the cutting edge of the diggers from penetrating the soil.

We also stock lightweight, one-man post hole borers with vibration-reducing handles for extra comfort, perfect for a whole host of gardening tasks including drilling holes for taking soil samples. Then there is the durable two-man post hole borer for digging post holes for stronger fences, and hydraulic post hole augers for more difficult fence installation jobs such as those on sloping surfaces or tough terrain.

By hiring garden tools from us at reasonable rental rates rather than buying your own expensive equipment, you avoid both storage and maintenance overheads – while at the same time you can be confident that we select top-of-the-range equipment and always take care of its maintenance.

You can hire online, or call us now on 0115 731 1220 if you can't find what you are looking for, or would like further guidance or to set up a trade account. You can collect your fencing equipment from your nearest Nottingham depot, from alternative locations across the East Midlands, or depots across other areas of the UK. We also offer home delivery, with many items available the next day.

Our branch is located at Ayr Street, Radford, Nottingham, NG7 4FX

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Fence Post Driver
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Fence post puller
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Camon Hydraulic Post Hole Borer
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Petrol Post Driver
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one man post hole borer digging a hole
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Post Hole Borer - Manual
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Shov Holer
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