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Why use a garden roller

Date posted: 3 January 2012

Using a grass roller is an effective way of assisting with lawn repair and levelling while still helping to achieve the perfect lawn. Used mainly to flatten grass, Lawn rollers are available in many different sizes and weights, so this needs to be considered before using one.

Most lawn rollers are virtually identical in their appearance with only their size and width being the differential factor. With their ability to be filled with either Sand or Water, this added weight helps to contribute to the garden roller’s functionality in assisting with flattering or repairing lawns.

There are many benefits associated with using a lawn roller for your garden maintenance including its ability to help fix lawns which have been damaged by frost heaving. This common problem of soil lifting can be remedied by using a light garden roller.

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Additionally, another great function of hiring a garden roller is to assist after seed sowing as by rolling the lawn once you have sown the seeds, you embed them into the soil better, therefore, getting a better quality of Soil to seed contact and consequently a stronger initial root. You will also benefit from better drainage by using the lawn roller to achieve level ground as opposed to having an uneven lawn. 

Some people also hire a Garden roller to assist when you are laying sod. By using the lawn roller over the freshly laid sod, this will helps the roots establish a better contact with the soil and help minimise any dead spots.

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