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Jet Wash Hire

Industrial Pressure Washers

For jet wash hire , visit Best at hire, your National tool hire centre.

Catering for home users and trade customers, we stock a wide choice of hot and cold water jet washers including diesel-driven and petrol-powered models, ranging from small units perfect for domestic use or powerful industrial models to tackle tougher cleaning jobs.  Various nozzle attachments are available to suit different applications.

It often makes sense to hire rather than buy, particularly if you are unlikely to use the equipment regularly and do not want storage and maintenance overheads to worry about. And if you choose Best at hire, you will enjoy access to powerful, top-of-the-range pressure washing hire equipment from leading manufacturers such as Karcher – all offered at very competitive rental rates.

Uses for pressure washers

With a vast range of uses, pressure washers are a very handy piece of kit – our customers use them for a whole host of jobs ranging from cleaning vehicles and drains to washing down garden furniture, decking, patios, block paving, building sites, industrial premises, plant equipment, and many other surfaces.

If you are planning to clean decking using a pressure washer, which can provide a very effective method of getting rid of built-up grime, remember that wood is relatively soft and needs to be treated with care. With too much pressure applied incorrectly, the surface of your decking could become marked or damaged. Try to use as little pressure as possible – first lowering it and trying a small, discrete area to see if it is effective – before turning up the pressure bit by bit until you get the desired results. Remember to also keep the nozzle some distance from the wood, only moving it closer until you can see dirt being shifted from the surface effectively.

Similarly if you are cleaning paving with a power washer remember to check the stone manufacturer's guidance to make sure it is suitable for pressure washing. Always test a small, discrete section and get the settings right before you start work on larger, more visible areas. Keep the lance head about 150-300mm from the paving, adjusting the nozzle to a 'fan' rather than jet setting if possible. Keep the lance at a shallow angle of approximately less than 30 degrees from the horizontal to prevent damage to any jointing material.

Health & safety

A pressure washer creates high pressure and velocity and can be used to remove loose paint, mud, dust and other dirt from buildings, paving, drains, patios, walls, decking, vehicles and concrete surfaces.  Used correctly, they are very effective tools, but care needs to be taken to prevent damage or injury. Always follow the manufacturer's safety instructions carefully. If these units are used carelessly they could damage surfaces (e.g. delicate wood); cause injury to people or animals; propel objects and cause damage to property; or even break up surfaces such as tarmac.

It's easy to hire

You can hire online now or call us on 0344 288 8088 for some guidance on the best equipment for your specific cleaning job. We offer various rental periods to suit different needs, from same day return and weekend hire to weekly and long-term rentals. And you can either pick up your hire equipment from one of our UK-wide hire depots, or simply ask us to deliver and collect the equipment again once you have finished with it.

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Diesel Demon Pressure Washer
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Road towable Demon Tornado water bowser
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Demon pressure washer
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Demon pressure washer
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Petrol Patio Cleaner
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Heavy duty petrol pressure washer
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Industrial petrol-powered pressure washer
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Person using a pressure washer with bowser to clean a brick wall
Price from: £47.99 Same day return
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