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Flail Mower Hire

Date posted: 7 December 2011

Flail Mowes are great rough cut mowers with the ability to clear the toughest areas of overgrown vegetation and grass.

When you rent a mower, you need to ascertain the best type of mower for the job at hand as not all mowers are suited for all gardens, fields or situations.

Flail Mower hire is a cost effective way to help alleviate those tough jobs where by you are dealing with large areas with dense tall think grass, brambles, thistles and weeds and even small trees. Flail mowers are heavy duty gardening machines capable of tackling the roughest  brush and debris of any overgrown garden or small field where other types of powerful mowers would stall in their tracks.

An advantage with using Flail Mowers is in its versatility and ability to deal with pretty much any dense foliage you happen to come across whilst still being able to cut neat short grass.

They can also be used for mulching all types of residues which in itself not only helps with waste disposable but also helps to creating both healthy lawns  as the mulching feeds the micro organisms in the soil.

Another advantage you will find with Flail Mowers is the mechanism they use to cut grass. They use a number of free swinging small blades /knives also known as flails which are attached  using a chain link or bracket along rotating horizontal axle and thus , when the when the axel rotates, the energy pushes the flails outward therefore cutting the grass.

This also gives Flail mowers the ability to be used on overhang banks to help cut down with any trim mowing and also on paths because the rollers follow the contours of the ground therefore minimising any scalping that could occur.

There are a number of different Flail Mowers for hire, but the most common popular makes include:

  • Camon
  • John Deere
  • Stiga
  • Ino
  • Tecnos

Best at hire has a large range of Flail Mowers for hire available for both Collection and Delivery from over 70 locations throughout the UK.

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