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SDS Drill Hire

Cordless and Hammer Drills for Hire

If you are looking at drilling through reinforced concrete, masonry ,bricks or natural stone, then you would normally use an at SDS (Special Direct Systems) drill to help you accomplish this task.

At Best at hire we offer a wide range of SDS drills for hire from along with a large selection of suitable drill bits all from leading manufacturers including  Bosch, DeWalt and Makita.

Unlike conventional power drills, SDS drills use a spring loaded chuck mechanism which allow the specially designed sds drill bits to be inserted into the chuck without the need of tightening.

This "slotted drive system" holds the drill bits in the chuck securely but not rigidly so it is able to slide a short distance back and forth thus enhancing the hammering motion significantly whilst allowing concentrated impact power to be directed more efficiently and accurately.

This unique mechanism gives the SDS hammer drill a distinct advantage over conventional hammer drills which in turn has to have the entire chuck moving back and forth thus losing power and making it less effective at delivering a concentrated amount of energy.

SDS Drills:

  • There are a few different sizes and standards of SDS but the main ones are SDS , SDS PLUS , SDS MAX
    • SDS – These are usually 10mm diameter at the chuck end and are inserted 40mm into the drill. They have 2 hollow out grooves which allows for the forward and backward movement whilst it’s secure within the chuck. They are also 100% compatible with SDS PLUS drills.
    • SDS PLUS – These use 4 groove sds plus drill bits which are there to provide additional support for the extra torque gained from the sds plus drill. This type is the most common and offer masonry drills from 5mm to 30mm in diameter ordinarily available and drill bit lengths from 110mm to 1500mm.
    • SDS MAX – These are usually found on larger SDS Rotary hammers and offer bigger drill bits.
  • SDS Drills can drill larger holes than conventional drills which are limited to 13mm size drill bits.
  • SDS Drills usually have 2 or 3 modes of operation and some come with a changeable chuck so they can use standard conventional drill bits.
    • Rotation – without the hammer action, making it like a conventional drill but the max speed tends to be lower but with higher torque, delivering more power.
    • Rotation + Hammer - drill has an hammer action pushing the drill bit in and out whist the drill bit rotates.
    • Hammer only –  This means you can use it for chiseling providing you insert a sds chisel bit in. These allow you to remove material up to 40% quicker than conventional tile chisels which makes it ideal for chiseling plaster , smaller grout joints or even removing tiles in one piece.

At Best at hire, we offer a variety of sds drills for hire suitable for all types of drilling jobs. From the cordless sds drill capable of fitting into small confined spaces or working at height, to the larger 36v or heavy duty sds drills, we have something to help with all types of drilling and chiesling. Speak to our hire team today.

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Cordless hammer drill being used on metal fencing
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SDS Cordless Hammer Drill
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SDS Rotary Hammer Drill
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